It’s a tricky situation being friends with an ex. This could put a strain on the relationship, as it opens you up to a lot of potential drama. You could be inviting unwanted jealousy into your life. For the sake of maintaining peace in your relationship, there are a few things you’ll need to consider.


It takes a very mature person to be at ease with this type of event. You need to decide if it’s a possibility that it could become a problem for you. If there’s a chance that you’ll start to redevelop feelings for your ex, then maybe you’re better off not getting involved. On the other hand, if you’re single and you’re willing to take the risk of catching feelings again, then give it a shot and see what happens. If you’re confident with where you stand, then there are a few other things that still need to be considered.


You might be happy just being friends, but your ex could be biding his time in the hopes that an opportunity arises for him to swoop in. It’s not absurd to think that he could be waiting for a problem to surface in your relationship in order for him to wedge his way back into your heart. You have to be as certain as possible that he genuinely just wants to be friends.


In addition to all this, you need to check that your husband or boyfriend is complacent with this scenario. It’s crucial for you to communicate extensively about the whole thing to determine if you’re both truly content that it’s a legitimately guilt-free endeavor and there’s no need to worry. If your partner is not happy with the situation, then you need to figure out if you’re willing to give up the friendship with your ex. This is a choice that falls on you alone. It brings you to question what kind of sacrifices you are prepared to make for your loved one. In my opinion, if you care enough for him, then it’s an easy decision to make.


If after all this, you’re still in the clear to go ahead with the friendship, then there is one last facet that you need to be aware of. In the long run, there may be certain incidents that could show up in an unpleasant fashion. Conflicts might be ignited between your boyfriend or husband, and your ex, forcing you to take sides. For example, you might have arranged a lunch or something of the sort with your ex, but your partner wants to take you out instead, leaving you to choose between them and inevitably end up disappointing one or the other. Maybe they are both aware of this possibility and will be okay with it, but I would imagine that your husband or boyfriend would be highly unimpressed with you if you chose to see your ex instead of him. Browse around the articles at to ponder about other delicate and complex relationship matters.

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