What is GoMarry.com?

GoMarry.com is the first of it’s kind Marriage Only Matchmaking site where instead of “Dates” we send you on “Marriage Meetings”.

Why Marriage Meetings & Not Dates?

Because of the uncertainty dates bring with them. It starts with dressing up beyond your normal levels & meeting at fancy places absent of life’s daily grind. All the time trying to impress the other person and trying to get them to like you. This often encourages the bending of truths and thinking a lot higher of the person opposite.

Dating later can lead up to a decade of you finding out small truths, habits, choices of your partner that are not to your liking, slowly decaying your relationship and a lot of time is wasted before you part ways. Often leaving with excruciating regret, heartache & even often young innocent children whose world revolves around you two.

Marriage Meetings on the other hand cut to the chase, you find out in a matter of days what would take years of dating without investing any of your time or feelings into the relationship. Marriage Meetings are attended by a minimum of 4 people. The couple + a chaperone each. You both take along my “101 Practical Questions To Ask Each Other Before Marriage” Guidebook and ask each other as many questions from the book as you see fit, over as many marriage meetings as you both like.

The obvious advantage here is that you find out what you are getting from the start. There will be no nasty surprises after you say “I do”. Finally, you decide whether to get married or not and if you do…you live happily ever after. It is as simple as making toast.

How Does The The Site/App Work?
The first thing you do is sign up for free. Fill in your normal profile same as dating sites. Thereafter you have to answer our Practical Marriage Compatibility Questionnaire. This is similar to many popular dating sites as it is based on multiple choice questions. Where we differ and are better, is that we acknowledge that successful marriages are not built on superficiality like eye colour, what your favourite TV show is, or how tall you are etc.

Successful marriages are built on lots of small practical routines that influence how you feel, how you act and how society deals its cards to you. Typical married life is full of such dilemmas, such as your past credit history, your level of interaction with previous partners and practical skills like cooking, driving and building IKEA furniture.

Once completed, you are shown a list of members that are close to you in proximity because we believe proximity to each partners support circle is very important for a successful relationship. Through our extensive algorithms, we ensure your matches are most compatible with your interests and ideas about life. You choose a person to make contact with and arrange some marriage meetings.

The great thing about GoMarry.com is that we are not a dating site. We don’t just give you another date. We believe in marriage, we believe in family and most of all, we believe that you can secure your future happiness without heartache or wasting time. Sign up and find your perfect partner today.

Azad Chaiwala
Founder of GoMarry.com