Feelings: Unloved, Abandoned & Unwanted — Must Read

Sometimes people exit a relationship without giving any explanation. They don’t look back on their decision and simply carry on with their lives. This can make you feel unimportant and like you are worthless. It will affect you mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally. When feelings of abandonment set in at a young age, such as when a parent leaves the family, it can become a problem and the child can feel unwanted. This issue has to be addressed or it can haunt you your entire life. Your deepest pain, called core wounds, usually derive from feeling unloved, abandoned, or unwanted. It can make you feel that you have a flaw making you a bad person, or that you need to change your personality to be acceptable to others.


Dealing With Your Emotions

There are four methods to help you cope with your feelings. It will help you to break down the walls surrounding your heart and give you a chance at love.


1. Self Love

Many people who feel unloved do not love themselves. Loving yourself is the first step to acceptance and self-respect. If you want yourself then you can transfer this love to your relationships. You will be able to love other people, empathize with them, and understand their behaviors. Often you will find that your own feelings of worthlessness are what is keeping you from a happy relationship.


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2. Acknowledging Your Circumstances

Sometimes you are simply thrust into a situation of being abandoned and feel unwanted. This could be if your parents did not give you enough love, or because you had a relationship that affected your life severely. Circumstances could lead to self-pity or romanticizing pain. This puts you into a cycle of resentment, misery, and anguish. The feelings of abandonment can make you feel more special or righteous, but this does a lot of harm. You need to let go of your pain and stop mourning forever. Accept what happened and grow from the situation.


3. Maturity

People mature at different rates and some faster than others. The person who made you feel unwanted may simply be less mature and not have the capacity to realize the consequences of their actions. This is not a reflection of yourself so do not let the cruel behavior affect your emotions.


4. Becoming Whole

Feelings of being abandoned and unloved can leave you feeling empty and with a hole in your life. As children, you need an adult to help you do this through therapy or other methods. As an adult, you will need to make yourself whole. You do not need another person to be complete. You do not need to feel unloved forever. If you are ready to feel love again and want to meet someone new, then GoMarry.com is the perfect place for you to visit. You can meet someone with buckets of love to give and who is ready to make you feel wanted again. 

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