Emotional Intelligence: Healing The Wounds

Sometimes relationships fracture and they don’t always heal quickly. It can be difficult to fix them. Emotional intelligence can help you to heal the wounds from a broken relationship. When a relationship ends you may experience feelings of anguish and feel you are in a deep hole. This is absolutely normal. To get out of the hole you will need to hold fast to things that make you feel safe and wait out the pain. Eventually, the fear and helplessness will dissipate and you will want to move on with your life.

When relationships cause wounds it is best to use your own emotional intelligence as a survival kit.


Two Aspects of Emotional Intelligence

There are two ways that emotional intelligence can help you to cope. Firstly, it will give you the ability to deal with your pain in a good way; and secondly, emotional intelligence allows you to improve your healing experience and allows you to enjoy happiness. Negative emotions will influence your behavior and lifestyle. It will cause pain to become trapped and may lead to anxiety or depression. The pain will affect your interpersonal development, which can be quite frustrating. You may feel you can no longer trust other people or find it difficult to bond with other people healthily. Problems resulting from your relationship may leave you feeling abandoned. Unrequited love is a harmful action and can make you prone to entering toxic relationships. Luckily, there are many strategies to heal your wounds with emotional intelligence.



Emotional intelligence manifests itself in several ways. It is always a good idea to evaluate your emotions healthily. Acknowledge negative emotions but do not make this your sole focus. Connect with your internal being and identify any problems that are stopping you from moving on. Create a strategy to overcome these issues rather than channeling them into frustration. Once you take action you will start to feel more positivity and may even be able to allow others to help you with your problems.

 A big part of emotional intelligence is empathy for yourself. It will give you personal security and allow you to see your hurt with compassion. Repairing a wound requires you to forgive yourself and you need to love yourself. Establishing empathy for yourself will stop you from engaging in a vicious circle of self-hate. Finally, emotional intelligence is a catalyst for personal growth. Acknowledge your emotions as they present themselves and try to understand why you are feeling this way. Identifying emotions will provide inner peace and allow for self-loveEmotional intelligence is a healthy way to process emotions when your relationship has come to an end. It will help you to deal with challenging situations and allow you to grow.

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