Ruining Your Life: 7 Steps to Stop Jealousy & Bitterness

Sometimes you feel jealous of other people’s happiness, success, or love life. You should be happy for the other person but compassion is difficult when you are feeling broken inside or if your life is falling to pieces. Your desire to love others and have a relationship may be overwhelming; you could also be seeking more from life and work. Feelings of jealousy, frustration, and even depression could be caused by your jealousy. You need to stop this jealousy to move on with your life. Jealousy can have negative consequences. Feelings of lust and rage manifest itself in jealousy. The key is to acknowledge your jealousy and respond appropriately. You can’t simply run away from your situation.


Steps To Overcome Jealousy

The following steps will help you to overcome your bitterness and jealousy.


1: Find Solitude

When jealousy strikes you will need to give it attention. Find a quiet spot where you will not be interrupted and that makes you feel peaceful.


2: Accept Your Emotions

You already know you are feeling jealous so you need to feel the emotion. Acknowledge it but do not overindulge in the jealousy. Consider why you are feeling jealous. Is it simply because the other person has something you want? Or is it because of your own unhappiness with your life? Exploring your feelings of jealousy may lead you to realize your hidden wants.


3: Understand The Lesson

 Every emotion is trying to teach you something about yourself. The feelings of being jealous is usually a result of sadness or fear. Use this feeling to help you change and make it a positive situation. Accept who you are and let go of any grudges you may have against other people.


4: Observe Your Emotions

You cannot avoid negative emotions so embrace the problem but do not become attached to it. Feelings will come and go, including the jealous emotions you currently experience. It does not have to affect your life forever but will reveal details about your beliefs and expectations.


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5: Identify Toxic Issues

Jealousy can often stem from toxic situations or environments. Identify these issues in your life and let go of them. You need to stay away from toxic thoughts as it will make you miserable and cloud your judgment. If you cannot change the toxic environment then you will need to change your outlook on life to stop the jealous attitude.


6: Take a Break

If you are jealous and this emotion is triggered by friends or family then you need to take time for yourself. Tell the people in your life that you need to unwind and need time to relax. This will buffer your jealousy and give you space to understand your emotions.


7: Self-help Strategies

Support your reflection with other self-help strategies. You can spend time meditating or doing exercise. Affirmations and reading self-help books can aid you in overcoming your emotions. Jealousy can prevent you from having good relationships. Address the situation and discover your emotions to understand the roots of your jealousy. Once you have understood what is happening, head on over to for more expert tips and relationship advice.

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