7 Signs That She Is Not Interested In You

Men can have a difficult time when it comes to determining whether certain women are into them. Many women can regale tales regarding how difficult it is for them to let guys down easy. The problem sometimes can be that a guy, while totally great and dateable, just isn’t the right fit for every girl. She may not want him to lose heart in dating so it becomes about letting him down gently.

It can be easier if a guy just takes a hint, but women everywhere want to stress at this point that they don’t want a man to mistake them playing coy with a lack of interest. Thankfully, we’ve compiled some major and even minor signs that she is not interested in you.

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1. She Never Responds to Your Texts or Calls

This might seem like a given, however in the 90’s there were many popular books encouraging women to play it cool with men. In fact, they went so far as to say that you should only text or call a guy if he calls first. The reasoning behind this, spoiler alert, is that they were supposed to appear like they were not pursuing the guy.

This may sound archaic, but women have been told for centuries how to act and communicate with men. It’s no wonder both genders are a bit confused! But if your special lady has gone on a couple dates with you already and she suddenly acts like the cat got her tongue, she may be trying to let you down gently. You are certainly welcome to call her or text her and ask her if something is wrong. However, if she prefers to ghost, then you might never get that closure.

2. She Makes Excuses not to See You

Life is busy. You should never get mad at a woman if she has to cancel or reschedule a plan, that should be a given in this day and age. If you start making rules and think every time your plans get disrupted it’s a personal slight, then you’re hooped. However if you notice that she is consistently never following through on plans with you, then she might be conflicted in her mind about seeing you. Let her know that you appreciate her friendship as well and see if she opens up. If not, then it might be that she isn’t wanting to go any further. Let things be and let her know on your end that you’re open to seeing her if her schedule lets up.

3. She Never Talks to You

There is a difference between being shy and being uncommunicative. If she always is clamming up, she might be pulling away from you. That doesn’t mean that she doesn’t think you’re a nice guy, but rather that you’re just not her person. If you were her person, she would likely be chatting up a storm at a certain point. She would at least be trying to share some of herself with you. If you are consistently not getting access to her inner world, then you might not belong there.

4. She Changes her Phone Number and other Contact Details

Sometimes women change at least their phone number when they have decided that they gave it out to the wrong person. However, that same woman will give you a text or a call to let you know the new number if she wants you to have it still. If you don’t get an e-mail, text, something, then maybe let it go. You can say, “hey, I don’t have your new number” once via e-mail, but don’t push it. She’s probably not wanting to have that talk with you.

5. She Doesn’t Let you Meet her Family

When a woman is serious about a guy, she might be nervous about the ensuing family face time. And by face time we mean actual physical meetings, not that app on i-phones. She’s not, however, going to be so rattled that she never plans something. If you keep asking to meet her folks and she turns down the requests, then it could be possible that she is not serious about you. There are exceptions, like if she doesn’t even talk to her family. But if she has a relationship with them, then chances are she’ll want the man she loves to have one too.

6. She Ignores all Holidays with You

17. Some people are not holiday people. However, in the bottom pit of most female’s hearts, they want to make those special days meaningful in some way. And if they have a partner, they know that their partner will be there to celebrate them with. If she’s always spending holidays with her girlfriends or with her family, then it might just be that she doesn’t want you to be a part of the special times. If she’s not into celebrating holidays, she might even spend this time alone. But if your anniversary and birthday come up and she still won’t make time for you, then you have an answer.

7. No one Knows You Exist in her Circle

19. She might not be a social person, and some women just don’t have a lot of friends. But if she introduces you to someone, a good sign that she likes you is that the person will say that a lot of nice things were said about you. If that’s not the case, don’t fret. Some people are intensely private people. However, if you couple this with many other signs, then you can get the picture that she’s not planning on you staying in her life that much longer.

When most women are excited about a man, they will certainly not be able to keep him a secret forever. She might be respecting your privacy at first, but if you are serious, she will want to tell the world. Women tend to call things like they see them. They might take a while to develop feelings, but they definitely understand when a guy will not be their cup of tea. It’s not something a man should take personally. A woman needs to feel a bit like you’re family when she’s around you. If she can’t, then she will let you go. Not right away maybe, but she will not be able to resign herself to marrying someone that she can’t be around day after day.

If you look at the signs solely, then you are sure to not get a complete picture. After all, you can’t just make a checklist to determine the answer to matters of the heart. But if you listen to what your instinct is telling you as well as reading the signs, you are bound to know the answer and stop wasting time.

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