Why A Broken Heart Shouldn’t Dictate your Life

A Broken Heart Shouldn’t Dictate your Life

Having a broken heart can be one of the most painful emotional things any human being has to go through

You can fix a broken arm, a broken tooth, and even a broken nose but fixing a broken heart isn’t as easy as a visit to the doctor.

Life is not a bed of roses

You probably thought that your relationship would last forever. You thought that you’d end up getting married, having kids and going on holidays with each other’s families. But life happened and now you are stuck at home with an aching pain in your chest that doesn’t want to disappear.

Don’t let broken heart dictate you

You shouldn’t let a broken heart dictate your life. In other words, you shouldn’t let a breakup or rejection have such an effect on your daily routine that you completely disappear into nothingness and completely lose yourself.  Getting your heart broken by someone (who obviously didn’t deserve it) isn’t something that should break you down and close you off to love.

A broken heart should make you stronger and wiser

Initially, you’ll go through the steps of getting over someone – you’ll feel anger, distraught, jealousy and misery. It is important you should remember to get to a point where you can forgive and move on! There’s nothing wrong with going through the motions that a heartache causes, but being in that dark hole for too long, isn’t very healthy.

Find pleasure in hobbies

don’t let broken heart haunt you. Find yourself! Look for things in life that make you happy and do them. Find pleasure in hobbies or being around joyful people! You need to get back into the world and starting living again.

Overthinking and holding on to feelings of regret and sadness will take over your life and eventually, rule everything that you are doing. If it didn’t work out, it definitely wasn’t meant to be.

Dont let a break up ruin your life

Don’t let an ex’ mistakes and mistreatment lead you to a life without companionship and unconditional love. Always stay open to new opportunities.  One person’s actions shouldn’t have an effect on the rest of your romantic life.

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Chances are you’ll find someone who probably also had their heart ripped from their chest. Dealing with the aftermath together (without using each other as rebounds, but as support and security for the future) and reaching new levels of intimacy and bliss.


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