A Long Distance Relationship Is The Ultimate Test

A Long Distance Relationship Is The Ultimate Test

Some may see long distance relationships as a curse, but we see them as the ultimate test for compatibility and commitment


You are in a long distance relationship. Whether your childhood sweetheart is going off to university or your life partner finds a job on the other side of the world. We have created some top tips to help you navigate this testing time.

We don’t think long distance is for everyone; it will only work if both parties are equally committed to holding on to one another. If you find you are making all the effort and your partner is making none.  Maybe it is time to ask yourself whether they really want to be a part of the relationship? Then ask them. Let’s look at some of our top advice for surviving this test in your relationship.



You are in long distance relationship and it may get you both in different time zones. Or your schedules can be completely different.  We suggest you commit to a specific time of day that you both catch up. Spend some quality time finding out what has happened in the other person’s day and visa versa. This is a great way to keep informed and connected with each other’s lives.

If you can’t commit to an everyday catch up, make it every other day. Each individual relationship is different and the time you can promise may vary. Make sure to have open communication to find a solution that works for both of you. Finding a routine will make your long distance relationship feel normal; just as if you lived together, you might catch up over dinner as routine.



This piece of advice is valid for all relationships but can be essential for you to survive a long-distance relationship. Be open and honest with each other; if you have concerns or something doesn’t feel right, make sure to express it. Long distance relationship can make it easier to avoid conflict and to ignore potential problems. This is usually the biggest downfall of going long distance. Rather than avoiding an uncomfortable conversation, try being upfront about your worries and hopefully together you can find a resolution.


Phone Sex

This is not a myth; this is survival tip number one. If you go for long periods of time without seeing each other. It can be very difficult to keep the spark alive in your desire for each other. Phone sex, Skype sex, sexting, and cheeky pictures will keep that spark alight. It will help you to build up excitement for seeing each other and keep each other excited about your relationship. Some people don’t like talking rudely on the phone, so send each other a naughty picture to keep that fire burning. You may learn happy gestures to keep the romance alive!



Long distance relationship relies on compromise. You are leading two separate lives that you try to fit together occasionally. Instead, make compromises to ensure things are fair and equal. This will help avoid the distance becoming more than just miles between you.

We have done long distance; it isn’t for the faint-hearted, but it can work. So, if your partner finds a job far away or your lover moves away for college, don’t automatically rule it out. Give it a try and give it your all. If it is meant to be, you will both work your hardest to make sure it works.

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