All You Need is 20 Seconds of Courage

Are you thinking of asking that special someone out on a date? Or could you be asking for your partner’s hand in marriage or to move in? Perhaps you want to end a relationship and need to find the right words to do it. You many are surprised but it all boils down to having about 20 seconds of insane courage to get a great result.


Think of what it takes someone to jump out of an airplane. Although there are risks in skydiving the rate of fatal accidents is quite small. However, the person diving is thinking of all the things that could go wrong so they need to pluck up the courage to take those few steps to make the jump. Relationships can often be handled in the same way. If you think of it as a 20-second burst of time to do or say what you need to then the result will come.


What happens? When you take that leap and muster up the insane courage, results happen. Think about why you haven’t taken action? What is stopping you? It could be fear of rejection, injury or failure. We also fear the opinions of others and their disapproval. If you want to ask that person out then do it. Ditch the small talk and find a more clever way to get their attention.  You may get rejected. However, what is more, important is that you may not. You will never know unless you take that step.


It is mind boggling how we allow the opinions of others to shape our decisions. “Oh, what will people think if I do this and fail?” Recently I attended a martial arts training camp in Asia. It the toughest physical and mental challenge I have put myself through in my life. Our coach mentioned the thoughts and opinions of others. We were all there with various ability levels. However even the weakest person there was miles ahead of the people back home, sat on their sofas and criticizing. He went onto say, that was what we were to do with the negative opinions of others. Even if you try and are not successful, you have done something. Those that critics often don’t.


Insane courage can change your life. Think of the lobster or other ocean shell fish. Their bodies grow inside their shells. The body continues to grow even when it reaches the confines of the outer layer. They have to learn to live with pain to shatter the outer shell and continue to grow. The same is true of humans. If we take ourselves out of our comfort zones and confront the discomfort, we grow internally. We then learn to take on those challenges that life gives us.


So if it is asking that special someone out or something more serious then tap into that 20 seconds of insane courage and start to make some changes. If you need more guidance on finding that long term partner then sign up for You will soon start to see the positive results.

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