Attention Seeking Behavior in Women

There are numerous reasons why women act out to grab the attention of their boyfriends or husbands. Not to say that men don’t act out as well, but it’s a lot more frequent for women to try and get their men to notice them more, and it’s usually called for.


Sometimes this type of response is a valid reaction to the conditions the man has created. Often men will focus too much on their careers, leaving the woman feeling unimportant as if she was an accessory. Or perhaps even when the man has time to spare, he might spend it watching television, playing video games, drinking with his friends, or idling around on the golf course. A mature approach would be to simply communicate with one another and discuss the problem, but people tend to turn to passive aggressive actions instead. This may work periodically, but is this really the best option?


One of the most standard acts of attention seeking behavior is when a woman starts flirting with another guy in an attempt to make her boyfriend or husband jealous. This could put the man in his place and remind him of what he stands to lose, although it’s a bit extreme and may not be necessary at all. Another routine tactic is the silent treatment. Normally, this will stem from a place of anger, but occasionally it is used when a woman wants more thoughtfulness from her partner. A lot of women like to be pursued; they enjoy having men chase after them. When a man puts in the hard work that a woman demands, he is displaying his aptitude for being an adequate mate. When this potential is not willingly exercised, a woman will try to coax it out of her man through whatever means she can think of.


This may seem relatively innocent, but it can quickly become a method of control. Trying to make someone feel or act a certain way is manipulation. If they don’t say or do something on their own accord, subliminal messages and staged behavior is probably not the best solution. It’s not only women who do this, but they also are just more skilled at playing these games so when a man tries this kind of attitude, women know exactly what’s going on and it doesn’t work nearly as well. Visit for helpful tips on relationships.


What can be done to reduce or eliminate such behavior? Well, there’s a fairly basic answer. Couples need to communicate their problems and desires. They need to express when something upsets them, when something is missing from the relationship, or when they are feeling lonely and begin craving more attention. Simply sitting down with each other and talking things out can make a massive difference in our lives. Doing this should come naturally, but the fear of being judged causes us to lash out in strange and unnecessary ways. Nobody wants to come across as annoying and needy, so it’s not always easy to talk about those feelings. If a relationship is going to be healthy, it needs to be set up right so that both people feel like they’re in a safe environment and they can discuss anything.


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