How Bad Atittude Ruins Your Relationship?


All of us experience negative thoughts from time to time. However, the main thing is how we manage our negative attitude to make a difference between defeat and victory, victimhood and mastery, despair and hope, fear and confidence. Well, I met someone and developed feelings for him. I loved him with sincerity. But he didn’t value my love and romance. I never wanted a breakup but he never cared about it. It was his bad attitude that ruined our lovely relationship. I tried my best to keep the relationship alive but he never cooperated. Let me tell you what he exactly did to destroy our relationship.

You always reacted fiercely to feedback instead of being open to it

Communication is an integral part of any relationship. When we’ve to establish a connection, we get used to exchanging ideas and emotions. But after that we become defensive. Whenever I’d an argument with my significant other, he either emotionally abused me by his silence or just screamed at me. I felt that he doesn’t want to hear me or doesn’t bother what I’m saying to him. This attitude provoked additional emotional distance. I tried my best to communicate but he never replied to me in a positive manner.

You always used duplicity and deception instead of integrity and honesty

You can drive crazy anyone with your actions and words. Unfortunately, the most common thing in our relationship was your duplicity and deception. You always delivered mixed messages and never did what you said or owned. You always said that you loved me but you never had time for me. You said that you enjoyed my company but you always criticized when I was around. Sorry but your actions always contradicted your words. You always lacked honesty and integrity.

You never showed respect but always crossed the boundaries

You always crossed the boundaries and interfered with my personal life. Yes, I loved you but that didn’t mean you’re the master of my life. You tried to control my life and behaved in a disrespectful or demeaning manner. You never respected my emotions and feelings. I always felt a sense of powerlessness.

You always criticized me

You always criticized my character instead of simply stating a grievance. You always blamed me and you never inquired me about the issues. Your behavior was never cooperative but always offensive and abusive.

You always compared me with others

You always compared me unfavorably to others. You always compared me with girls who are more beautiful, attractive and charming. Such a thing made me feel jealous, inadequate and inferior. I felt you ran a negative comparison campaign against me. All this lead me to anxiety, depression, and loneliness. I can’t forgive you for what you did to me. You’re not the same person whom I met a few years ago on You’ve completely changed and this is why I left you. I never wanted a breakup but your attitude forced me to split.


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