Blinded Bt Love

Blinded By Love: It’s Healthy For Relationship

You must be feeling that either you or your partner is blinded by love. Now, you want to make sure either you are right in your thoughts, or these are mere misunderstandings. There is also a possibility that you are finding some solution to get out of the blindness of love.


What is blindness in love?

You have to understand the meaning of getting blinded by love. It implies the behavior of someone to ignore the faults of his or her lover. Shakespeare used this term to make the audience aware of their own behavior to get manipulated by significant others. You are blinded by love if you are accepting every right or wrong command of your partner with happiness.


Seek love but not at the cost of your free will

It is good news if you are putting the maximum effort to make your relationship stand longer. But if you cross certain limits and surrender your own free will. It is injurious for both of you and your relations. If you are following the commands of your partner with eyes closed or if you think that your partner will get offended if you will resist, then he or she is not the right person for you.

Say no to blind love

If your partner is trying to dictate terms and you are consistently at the receiving end, stop and say no to it.  You should look for another person who can give you some space. is the best place to find a life partner who will understand your emotions, and he or she will not demand those things which you will not feel comfortable with.

Love intoxication does not last long

You must be enjoying your love intoxication but remember; it would not live long. According to the authentic researches, love starts wearing off after a climax period. This climax period can be 2 to 3 years. After this, you will start feeling alone or frustrated when you find that your partner has never been up for true love.


Demand space & don’t surrender your free will

Let your partner think of his or her own actions. Sit and have some discussion about improving your relationship experience. Let your partner understand that his or her demands are not logical, and he should give you the necessary space where you could exercise your free will.


If your partner is not listening to you, it is a better option to move on and get someone who can make logical demands and who believes in the beauty of giving and taking. is the best place to find such a person. Sign in and select a long-term partner after the consultation of relationship experts.


However, if your partner is blinded by love, then it is your responsibility to help him or her so that your relationship can last longer and you can enjoy a healthy relationship.

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