Break Shyness

Break Shyness: How to be Confident Around Women


Everyone knows that confidence is one of the things that women find attractive in men. Unfortunately, confidence doesn’t come naturally to everybody and many men are shy around women. It is time to break free from the mold and approach women with confidence. There are several tools available to approach women and to get rid of shyness. We all know the old adage of “practice makes perfect” and that is exactly what you need – practice. As you practice repetitive behaviors and get used to doing something, you become confident in your abilities. Your shyness is simply a result of inexperience.


All In

One way to get experienced in meeting women and to break shyness is to approach as many of them as possible. Go to a club or sports event and set yourself a goal to talk to a certain amount of women. For example, decide that you want to talk to 20 women before leaving. Approach one woman at a time, introduce yourself and ask a bit about her. You may even meet someone in this way that you end up dating. This is not the easiest exercise to do and you might want to challenge a friend to do it with you; a wingman always comes in handy. After approaching so many women, you should feel a bit more easy at meeting new people.


Build Up to Flirting

If meeting 20 new women in one feel too intimidating, then you can slowly build up your courage. Set a goal of communicating with at least two women every day. As your confidence builds you can start to engage more and push the conversation into the flirting territory. Focus on making eye contact in the first few days. Select 1 or 2 women and catch their eye. Keep eye contact and give a confident smile. You can even wave if you feel the urge. Once you are okay with making eye contact, you can start to talk to women. Stick to your goal of talking to at least one woman a day. Say hello to her and then give her a compliment, “I like your dress” or something similar. If you struggle with compliments then casually remark on the weather or something in the nearby area.


Stop the Inferiority Complex

Men somehow think that they are inferior to women. All women are placed on a pedestal and are high and mighty. This is absolute nonsense. Men and women were created equal. Women also have weaknesses and the sooner you realize this, the easier it will be to get over your shyness. Women have insecurities too and are probably just as nervous to talk to you. Add a smile and you will see that women melt and start talking. You are worth a relationship and need to believe in yourself. Believe in yourself and your abilities to talk to other people. Break your shyness by approaching women on a frequent basis and talk to them every day. Your confidence will improve and soon you will be able to hold a conversation with any woman that comes across your path.

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