Can Sex Change a Relationship

You’ve decided to take your relationship to the next step. But you are wondering whether introducing this new physical part into your relationship would change it. And does a sex change the stance of your current relationship? Without a doubt – YES!

There are many things you have to think about before engaging in a sexual act with the one person that you love. If it’s too late and you’ve already introduced sex into your relationship, then here are a few things that will most probably change.


  1. Goodbye mystery

Now, that you’ve seen all parts of each other’s bodies. You can say goodbye to the mystery. Exploring each other’s very intimate and private parts will take away all the mystery. And if your relationship isn’t strong enough or committed enough. It will be easy for one of the parties to lose interest and go looking for something or someone else who is more exciting.

  1. Hello fights

Having sex too early can open up a big can of worms, especially if one party wasn’t really ready. Emotions are high and fights can often occur. Knowing that the other person isn’t yours for the long haul (like knowing you’ll definitely get married to them) can introduce a lot of doubt.

  1. Jealousy

If your partner has had other sexual partners in the past, it will arouse feelings of jealousy more than curiosity. Suspicion crawls into one’s mind. Wondering if the other has a wandering eye. If your sexual partner isn’t your spouse, then they aren’t only yours.

There’s a reason why many religions believe that sex before marriage is a sin. Even though, it’s not that common to wait until marriage in modern times (as people are getting married at much older ages). There’s a reason that sex should be between two people that really love each other.

Giving your body to anybody at any time during your life will have its emotional consequences. Sharing your body with the person you’re married to, is a beautiful and sacred thing! It can actually strengthen your relationship even more.

If you’re uncertain whether you are going to spend the rest of your life with your current partner. Then it’s wise to not introduce into your relationship just yet. Knowing that you’re going to get married to someone and that you will be theirs forever, makes sex very special and worth the wait.

Finding someone who you can get married to on will give you the peace of mind that having sex with them, and only them, will strengthen your marriage even more.

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