Can You Have a Good Relationship Without Physical Attraction


What are the focal points in any long-lasting relationship? If you look around enough, you’ll notice a trend. The physical attraction might play a big role in the beginning, but there are deeper layers that are ultimately much more important.


Depending on who you are, a physical connection may be more or less essential to you. When you first encounter someone you’re interested in before you know anything about what their internal qualities are or what kind of personality they have, the only thing drawing you in is their appearance. Maybe you’re trying to see past the external to figure out a deeper sense of who they are, but all you really have to go on is visual information. How they dress, how they move, hair color, facial features, height, and weight are the only queues you have work with.


The attraction is a relative concept, meaning that not everyone gravitates towards the same aesthetic appeal. What might be beautiful to one person, can be seen as flashy, vain, or materialistic to another person. One person might see realism and a down to earth nature in someone while others would see it as laziness or lack of effort. We’re all different, so we’re all attracted to unique aspects of a person. Often you’ll find that a lot of people have a specific type that they’re attracted to. Personally, I’ve always had a thing for short blonde girls with blue eyes. Others might find this to be common or predictable and wouldn’t be interested in someone who looks like that.


True love surpasses physical appearance. If you gave yourself the chance to get to know someone properly, you might come to realize that they’re an amazing person whose personality compliments your own at every angle. Choosing whether or not to share your life with someone on the basis of their physical attractiveness is an immature approach. True love will stand the test of time, whereas physical appeal is guaranteed to fade away as the years go by. When you’re both old and wrinkled, how much is that physical attraction going be worth? Surely it makes more sense to invest in someone who understands you, accepts you, and loves you for who you are rather than what you look like.


It can’t hurt to be with someone you think is beautiful, but this shouldn’t be the sole deciding factor as to whether they’re right for you or not. Good relationships are founded on the deeper qualities of a person; the kind of things that would grow stronger with time, fortifying the bond that you’ve developed. Things such as personality compatibility, sense of humor, similar perceptions on life, like-minded goals, taste in music, and moral beliefs are of much greater importance. We live in a world where we’re constantly being told what beauty is supposed to look like. We’re brainwashed into believing that we need to look a certain way and unfortunately, many people fall into this shallow mindset. Check out to find what relationship aspects you should be focusing on instead.

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