Dating: Is She into You Or She’s Just Being Nice

Dating: Is She into You Or She’s Just Being Nice

Ah, girls. You’re confusing and curious creatures! Girls are notorious to say one thing and meaning another. So how do you know if she really loves you or just being nice?


One moment, she’ll leave you slumped on the floor in embarrassment, and the next, she’s into you by all signs. She will melt your heart with kindness. However, you need not worry because I’m going to reveal the signs to identify whether she really loves you or not.


She points her feet towards you

It is an easy way to know if someone likes you. The reason is that humans are commonly not conscious of what their feet are doing. It’s a really good sign if her feet point towards you. If she keeps her legs tightly crossed, she may be uncomfortable with you. On the other hand, if her feet are away from her body, it’s a sign that she is comfortable in your presence.


She wants to spend more time with you

The Saturday night date isn’t enough anymore. She’s looking to stay with you for more time. She loves to make dinner for you after her office work. She even wants to meet you for coffee during her lunch break. The point is that if she wants to spend more and more time with you for one or another reason, it’s a clear sign that she is really into you.


She blushes in your presence

Blushing is when they develop a pink tinge in the face from shame or embarrassment. It’s a common thing when you really love someone or likes a compliment. If she blushes in your presence,  really she’s into you. However, you must notice that she doesn’t easily blush when other people are around.

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She notices and reacts when you touch her

How a girl reacts to a physical touch clearly tells the whole story. If she is really into you, she will notice or react whenever you’ll touch her even if it’s the lightest one.  She’s unto you if she comes close to you, smile or even blushes. She’ll likely pull away when you touch her if she doesn’t like you.


She copies your movements and gestures

She will do such a thing subconsciously. If you talk slow, she will start talking slower than usual. She will try to behave like you and even try to eat like you. Well, it’s quite cute and loving. you must understand that girls can’t hide their feelings and always ready to express them.


Her body language

You’ll notice a change in her body language when she really loves you. She will freely move her body to show her confidence. You’ll also notice a different flow in her movements. It is all due to your love.



She will touch her face and blink frequently. She’ll compress her lips and play with her hair. She’ll also rub her hands together. Nervousness is a clear sign that she’s into you.

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