Deadly: Difference Between Jealous & Envious


Jealousy has been one of the main reasons for the destruction of many relationships. However, it’s not jealousy but envy responsible for the breakup. If you’ll talk to 5 different people and ask what they think about jealousy, they’ll give you different opinions. Well, if you’ll ask them about being envious, they will reply, ‘what’s the difference between envious and jealousy because both are the same.’ These are the Deadly terms for the ending of the relationships.

Well, if you’re the one trying to figure out the difference between envious and jealousy, you’re not alone. Jealousy and envy are often taken as a similar emotion. This is wrong of course as jealousy is markedly different from envy.


What is envy?


Envy involves trying to get something that’s owned by anyone else. For instance, it can be a desire for the type of marriage your colleague has with her spouse or a desire for a luxurious car that your friend bought. In the same way, you might envy the academic record of your brother or the mesmerizing looks of your friend. It may involve anything you desire but you don’t have that at the moment.

It is a combination of hatred and covetousness for the individual who has what you want. When you pass by a stunning farmhouse and say, ‘They don’t deserve it. It should be my property.’ This is what we say envy. Or when you see an amazing girl dating another man and you say, ‘he doesn’t deserve her. She should date me.’ It becomes deadly when it comes to not getting enough attention.

It is an internal reaction when you see that you lack something desirable someone else has. In this process, you not only want to get what you want but you may also injure or hurt the other man involved. For instance, if a woman falls in love with another woman’s husband, she might look for ways to sabotage their marriage. To fulfill her desires, she’s ready to hurt or injure the other woman or even the man too.


What is jealousy?


Jealousy occurs when you feel that someone else is trying to steal, destroy or take over your relationship. A guy gets jealous when he sees another guy flirting his girlfriend or wife. You don’t want to lose what you own. It’s a quite strong emotion and can easily be converted into violence.

If you get jealous in a relationship, it clearly shows you have a strong bond of love with our partner. However, the rage that jealousy provides is often very deadly and dangerous. It can be hazardous for all the parties involved.


Final thought


In a relationship, jealousy is a threat from the third person. On the other hand, you want to own someone or not approving of someone having something. Envy revolves around greed, covetousness, and grudge while jealousy involves the feelings of fear and insecurity in a relationship. Well, if you’re looking to develop a relationship and don’t get jealous of other love birds, try Here you’ll find many profiles with real ids and photos.

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