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Difference between Asocial & Antisocial Person – Secrets

Difference between Asocial & Antisocial Person – Due to the decreasing threshold for tolerance and increasing stress levels, psychological issues are rising in number in today’s world. When an individual reacts to negative social pressures, two types of disturbing behavior patterns emerge; Anti-social behavior and Asocial behavior.

We are social creatures and to survive, we need to interact with each other. However, certain people don’t like to socialize. Sometimes, they learn such behavior through abuse or hurt. People often take both behaviors as similar personality traits, however, in reality, they are very different.


Asocial involves behaving in an immoral manner. It may be the result of negative thinking, bad experiences, and repression of emotions. The Asocial person avoids social life, he develops such an attitude towards life. Such behavior of asocial person may be due to schizophrenia, autism, or introverted nature.

An asocial person has bad impact on the society and he can hurt people around him. It is negative and harmful behavior. He not only behaves in a negative manner but he’s also hazardous to the society. He can exhibit violence to different levels. He can hurt animals, steal, rape or even murder. And the alarming thing is that he never feels guilty for his actions. He shows no sympathy for others. An asocial person is always committed to causing harm to others without taking into account what is wrong and what is right. In fact, he lacks basic moral values since his childhood.


Anti-social behavior involves a person’s deliberate shunning of social interaction. An anti-social person lacks social skills and feels awkward to interact with others. He doesn’t have a disdain for other people. He lacks the necessary confidence and skills to socialize. In rare cases, anti-social behavior can result in tragedy or physical harm. However, it’s less harmful to society. An anti-social person feels shy and develops a fear of rejection. He avoids social gatherings because he is not comfortable but he doesn’t like to offer an opportunity to others to make him feel insignificant or reject him. He has rarely one or two friends and most of the time, he stays alone.

An anti-social person feels tough to develop and maintain any form of relationships and takes friendship as a burden. Society takes such an individual as an abnormal person. Due to hallucinations and delusionary thoughts, social interaction becomes a tough task for them. Since society starts criticizing their behavior, they develop a firm belief that they could not meet people. They start thinking they don’t have the ability to meet people. At a later stage, they even start avoiding their family members.

Both behaviors can be changed with the help of psychotherapy, drugs, and counseling. However, the treatment of anti-social behavior requires more time and effort than asocial behavior.

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