Dream Girl

Dream Girl: How Do You Know That You Have Found The One

So you’ve found yourself in a relationship with a girl whom you think maybe “the one”. How do you know that this is your dream girl though? Well, if she meets the criteria on this list, she is probably the girl you’ve been waiting for.


You Feel Like The Best Version Of Yourself Around Her

The best part about finding your dream girl is that she allows you to be yourself. Not only that, but she also improves you, and helps you put your best foot forward. “The One” is a girl who doesn’t impose on who you are as a person, and doesn’t try to change you. Rather, she helps you realize your full potential.


She’s Your Main Support In Life

The girl for you is the one who’s always on the side-lines cheering you on. Regardless of what you go after in life, she is by your side to guide and support you. When things are going south, she is the person who picks you up and tells you that you can do it, despite what anyone else might say.


Your Family And Friends Get Along Well With Her

Before any romantic relationships, your family and friends are the ones who know you best. Therefore, it’s important that your dream girl gets along well with them, as they are the ones who often pick up on something that isn’t quite right in the relationship before you might think of it. If your girl gets on like wild-fire with your closest loved ones, she is most likely the girl you’ve been looking for.


She Makes You Laugh

The girl of your dreams is always the one who can bring light to any darkness you may experience. She can make you giggle and feel like a kid again and can turn your grumpy face into a huge smile. The one who makes you laugh is certainly “the one” for you.

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She Gives You Room To Grow And Express Yourself

In any relationship, both people must give the other person space to be themselves and experience new things. You must be able to trust one another and allow them to live their own lives and be their person. Along with this, you should feel comfortable to express your deepest feelings to them, and not worry about judgment. If you find yourself in a relationship with a girl who gives you the space to be yourself and live your own life, know that you have found the “one” for you.


You Can’t Remember A Time Before That You Were As Happy As You Are Now

Finding your dream girl could bring you so much joy and love, that you’ve never felt happier than when you are with her. She brings light to your life and thinking of her puts a smile on your face. Life without her would be dull, and you find yourself grateful for her every day.


You All In Love With Her Over And Over Again

“The one” is a once in a lifetime kind of person, and whenever you see her, you are in awe of how much love you have for her. This isn’t to say that you will never fight, but rather that you both know that what you have together is worth so much more than any arguments you may have. The girl of your dreams is the one whom you fall head over heels in love with every day, and whom you can’t imagine ever living without. Find more guidance on love on the GoMarry.com.

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