Effective Communication Skills That Strengthen a Relationship

How to Have Effective Communication Skills

Key to any successful relationship is effective communication – the art of receiving or imparting information. Key ingredients for communication include; Speech, instant messages, phone calls, symbols, and even just sounds or body language


Once you’ve met your match on GoMarry.com and now you really want to make it work. And take the relationship to the next level. Effective communication is the key.

There are a few (less direct) factors that affect communication, such as the tone of the message and the timing of the message. Whereas the intention behind the message and also what has been left unsaid are also of the same importance.

The most common barrier to effective communication is not paying attention to what is said. judging for what is said, giving unsolicited advice, or expecting a partner to read your mind is of no use.

Here are four communication skills that will help to minimize and deal with potential conflicts:


  1. Be Receptive

No one likes to feel unheard or undervalued. Instead of acting dismissive, learn to listen without interrupting. Learn to respond appropriately by asking questions, which will deepen the understanding of your relationship and strengthen the bond.

Try to take note of your ability to express empathy and work on these skills to improve the dynamic between you and your partner.


  1. Express Yourself

Honest, direct and effective communication is the key to a lasting and successful relationship.

By expressing your wants and needs, you are essentially providing feedback that can take your partnership to new heights.

If there is an issue that needs to be discussed, tell it like it is and don’t sugarcoat the situation.

Be clear about what it is that you would like to change, and what your expectations are for the future.

It is important to reveal you’re true feelings because bottled and suppressed emotions lead to inappropriate behavior and mental health problems.


  1. Manage Your Emotions

Effective conflict resolution is all about learning to control your emotions and yet still express them.

By refraining from impulsive temper tantrums or a scathing tone. You will be able to communicate maturely about the issue at hand, increasing the likelihood of finding a compromise. Remain calm and take the higher road if your partner fails to do so.

Meditation and mindfulness increase your ability to control your emotions. By maintaining composure you will ensure that your lover is safe from words that we say in the heat of the moment.

Learning to control your feelings will guarantee your lifelong respect.


  1. Pick Your Battles

It isn’t healthy to constantly criticize your beloved, no matter how much of a perfectionist you are.

Every time you give negative feedback, you run the risk of hurting your partner. And over time this can lead to self-esteem issues which can cause problems in all kinds of ways.

The ideal praise to criticism ratio is actually scientifically proven to be five compliments for every one critique. Keep this in mind as you go about your day and use this technique not only with your partner but with everyone you meet

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