Emotions: Revenge Or Withholding Affection


Positive Emotions


Seeing two people hugging, holding hands or giving each other a kiss every now and again makes you think, WOW!, those two must be in love or clearly care deeply for each other. Displaying affection is the most visual representation of positive emotions such as love, happiness, and excitement. Emotions that you experience in a happy and committed relationship. We sometimes want to think about relationships in a rational manner, removing all sense of emotion. But we must remember that we have emotions to enhance our connection in a relationship. Good and bad emotions are necessary to create a relationship. That ensures the challenges life throws our way doesn’t rip your relationship to shreds.


Negative Emotions


It is very prominent how these displays of affections suddenly disappear once you start feeling different types of negative emotions. Generally, one might feel that your loved one does not deserve to receive a hug or a kiss. If you have some unresolved feelings of anger, jealousy or even fear. We use withholding of affection as a form of revenge. An attempt to communicate our negative feelings and emotions in a non-verbal way. This can be one of the most destructive elements in a relationship. Unresolved negative emotions can lead to an emotional separation in a relationship. And ultimately that relationship will be shipwrecked.




We are human, thus expressing our negative emotions are usually a hard truth to face. It might just be that you find yourself withholding affection from your significant other. Just take a moment and reflect on why this behavior is presented. Might it be that you have been hurt by something said, angered by something that was done or merely just the fact? And that your partner did not display affection in a way that you expected? Ask yourself am I withholding affection as revenge? Are you not communicating your negative emotions in a way your partner can understand your frustration? Communication is the key element to overcoming obstacles in your relationship. Revenge will only damage your relationship while clear communication can lead to a more affectionate relationship.


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