End a relationship

You’ve landed on this article because you are probably feeling helpless. Stuck in a relationship where you don’t feel happy anymore. You don’t know what to do and you feel like there’s no way out. The fact of the matter is, breaking up with someone can be painful. Once they stop texting you or you aren’t doing things together anymore it will sink in that it’s over.


But if you’re wishing for the day when they aren’t part of your daily routine then you should probably consider breaking up.


Maybe you are only in the relationship because at first you were completely infatuated with the person, but now, the infatuation has died down and you don’t feel any love towards them anymore. If there is no love, no compassion and no care in a relationship then there isn’t a lot more left.


Perhaps you are finding yourself sticking in a relationship only because you don’t want to be alone. The fear of loneliness and doing things by yourself is keeping you from actually ending it, even though you aren’t happy anymore.


Perhaps you feel like there isn’t anyone else in the world. You found someone you think you should have a life with, but they aren’t making a commitment and you have a slight suspicion that they want to be with someone else. You feel insecure and undervalued.


When you are contemplating whether to let go or hold on. You should ask yourself one simple question: “Do I want to marry this person?” If not, go. If yes, stay.


Finding a relationship that never has to end isn’t impossible. You can find true love on the world’s first Marriage only Relationship site called GoMarry.com. This site is for singles who are done with playing around, who are done with being in relationships that make them feel confused and unsure of the future. This site brings singles together who wants to commit and be involved for forever and ever.


It’s tough to be part of a break-up, but it can be even more heartbreaking to stay in a relationship that isn’t good for you or that isn’t going anywhere. Rather break it up now and open up your time to find someone new on GoMarry.com. Someone you feel safe and comfortable with. Someone that can provide you with security and give you all the love you need.


End the relationship you’re in if you don’t feel like it’s going somewhere positive in the future. When both of you aren’t committed it’s time to let go! Find someone that will value you and give you everything that you deserve.

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