Follow Your Heart in a Relationship

Ever heard of the phrase ‘follow your heart in a relationship’?! Yes, we see it everywhere from the graphics on T-shirts, lines in songs and the cartoons we saw growing up. In fact, it is a way of living the life in the most passionate and romantic way.


People often argue whether they should follow heart or head in a relationship. There is a point in life when you have to decide whether you want to pursue someone who makes your heart sing or you should stay with safe relationship.


This is the biggest dilemma as far as your matters of the heart are concerned. You’re in a relationship and you’re contented with your partner and then all of a sudden, a new face appears. An ideal person with all the traits you’d been looking for years. It’s a great feeling but only if you’d not already been in a relationship.


Now you wish you hadn’t met this intelligent, funny, and marvelous individual, right? Such a situation may turn your world upside down and you don’t know how to bring the things back on the track. However, you can solve the issue easily.


‘Passionate’ love and ‘safe’ love

First, you must distinguish between the ‘passionate’ love and ‘safe’ love. For many individuals ‘safe’ option means ‘a tried-and-tested choice’. Generally, your partners are safe because you know them for a long period of time. They know very well about all of our flaws and they are still with us. It also means that they are helping us raising our kids, giving us financial stability, a shoulder to cry on, and several other perks and privileges.


On the other hand, there is no detailed definition of “passionate’ love. There is no involvement of logic in such a case and you throw logic out of the window.


Playing with fire vs. playing it safe

Now let’s move on to hard part. To determine your situation, you must analyze your emotions and feelings. You must be as rational and honest as possible if you don’t want to move around in circles. You need to answer few questions before finalizing if you’re comfortable with the ‘’passionate’ love or the ‘safe’ love.


Do you have feelings for your current partner?

Go back to the times when you first fell in love with our partner. When you first met on dating or matchmaking sites, just as I did find my soul mate at! You can compare old memories with your new love interest.  Remember, all the relationships pass through different phases and even become boring at times. But this doesn’t mean there is no love remaining in the relationship. You just need to revive that love.


Why there is a need to love a new person?

First, you must thoroughly judge the new person. After examining his characteristics, you can analyze whether you’re looking for these traits or your current partner lacks these traits. Can he offer you something your old partner couldn’t offer? Is he worth considering?


Is it your fantasy or a reality?

Finally, you must consider the hard realities. You may have kids. If so, are you sure you’re going to be okay with the whole setup? Is the new individual going to be a good parent? In the real world, we have to take into account all the things before making a decision.

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