The Hidden Meanings Of the Cute Gesture: Forehead Kiss

Forehead Kiss:The Hidden Meanings Of the Cute Gesture

A kiss can effectively deliver the love and affection that words fail to convey. In fact, there are many types of kiss and behind each kiss is a different meaning


Forehead kiss has a meaning as all kisses have different meanings. A French kiss is much different than a kiss on the cheek. Kisses on the jaw, neck or near the ears are of the ‘I want you now’ variety, while kisses on the mouth are typically intimate and romantic. Kisses on the cheek are usually familial, platonic and friendly. Then there comes the forehead kiss. So what does it mean?

As far as the history of kisses is concerned, the forehead kiss is probably the most confusing kiss. People love more the forehead kiss than other types because of its different meanings. Let’s find the hidden meaning of this beautiful and cute gesture.


Right after sex

A  kiss right after sex means a lot. He kissed your forehead. This is it. He loves you a lot and he is all yours. He is grateful. He is happy with you. I appreciate it because such feelings can’t be explained in words. Enjoy it.


If it’s your first date

If it is your first date, and he comes up with a forehead kiss. Well! it’s a clear sign of affection and seriousness from your partner. Maybe the forehead kisser is scared to land that kiss on your lips, so the forehead seems like the safest best until they make their legit move. Maybe he is posing to be a nice guy. However, if you get only a forehead kiss on a few dates, it means you could be just good friends.

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There’s something more than only friendship

Sure, anybody can kiss you on the forehead but it is more intimating. It shows more love and a deeper connection. It shows your partner thinks that you’re more than his friend.


It shows you their commitment to you

If someone kisses you on the forehead when people are around, it shows his commitment. It’s a gesture to show that they’ll always remain with you even in tough times. It is also romantic and sweet for the person doing the kissing.

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Your partner wants to make you feel special

You two are alone in a homey atmosphere. You’re sitting on a couch drinking beer and watching a romantic movie. He looks in your eye with love and gives you a warm forehead kiss. In fact, your kisser is also feeling the luck but he also wants you to feel special. Appreciate it and enjoy the moment.

Your partner shows respect

A forehead kiss clearly shows that your man respects the hell out of you. For him, you’re much more than just a piece of meat. You’re his best girlfriend, love and an amazing lady. It means you need not to worry because your partner is there till his last breathe. Hey girl, you’re the lucky one. Just live it and love it. Do you want to feel such excitement and thrill in real life? Visit and find a partner who will give you a kiss on the forehead.

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