Going Dutch in a Relationship

The issue of who pays for what in a relationship has become a little thorny. The reason is that the paying part of even the most beautiful dates can become awful. Should she pay? Should he? What about going Dutch?


With the evolving moral notions, relationships have also changed drastically all over the world. Things once considered as standard in relationships are now considered as taboos. Traditionally in a relationship and dating situations, men are considered responsible to pay the bills. However, times have and are changing. However, you can settle the issue with discussion and setting the rules.


Talk to your partner what you’re comfortable with

If you’re in a relationship with an individual who significantly makes less or more than you, you must discuss how to pay the bills. You must formulate a method that makes financial sense to both of you. If one person is not financially strong, the best thing is to have an honest and open conversation about it. At first instance, it may feel awkward but believe me, it will be beneficial for your long-term relationship. When you’ve doubts, you must clear it with the consultation.


How serious you are, “my” money may become “our” money

If you’ve reached to that point in a relationship where ‘your money’ becomes ‘our money’, splitting of the bills becomes probably cumbersome and irrelevant. For instance, if you found someone on gomarry.com and build a strong relationship, there are great chances of sharing bills in the long-term relationship.


Do what feels natural for the two of you

Doing what feels right can work for some couples. It’s like an ‘unwritten code’ where each one knows the rule to pay. Some people say if he picked something then she will pay and if he picked something then he will pay. It really works for some couples. But to do this, you’ll have to discuss it and set the parameters.


Is it good to go Dutch on your first date?

Well, it’s a bit tough to answer this question; however, there are a couple of ways to determine whether ‘Going Dutch’ on your first date suits you or not.


First of all, you must take into account a few things like who you’re dating and what the situation entails. For how long you know this person? Is this someone you have spoken to for a decent period of time? The simplest way to follow is ‘inviter pays’.


The individual who initiated and invited the other person to the date should pay. However, it’s just a rule and it may result in an offended party if you don’t know the nature of the other person. So to keep things fair and stay on a safe side, always offer to pay your share. You must try going for your wallet when the bill is presented. It doesn’t matter that your partner pays the bill. At least, you get a favorable view that you’re not a greedy person and always glad to pay your way.

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