Good Video Guide

Please Adhere to these Guidelines for best results and to avoid disapproval of video Profile.

  1. Dress decently, all videos containing cleavage, revealing clothing etc will not be approved and you will have wasted your time.
  2. Try to film in a quiet area with plenty of light.
  3. If you are nervous, you can ask someone to appear in the video with you but please do make a clear distinction as to whose profile this is.
  4. 3 minutes should be more than enough time for someone to get a grasp of who the person behind the profile is.
  5. If you are unsure what to say, you can use the following format:
    Your name,
    – Filming location (e.g. living room, office, kitchen, coffee shop etc),
    – City/Region,
    – What you do for work or as a hobby,
    – Why you are on

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