Healthy Dating Relationships

Firstly, it’s very important to stop lying to yourself.

Open your eyes and your heart.

Nobody can tell you what a healthy dating relationship is if you can’t feel it in your heart.

My heart tells me that a healthy relationship should be passionate above all.

You may show respect and stick to all the parameters of a healthy relationship, but if there is no passion your relationship can easily turn into a boring friendship.

When I say passion I mean chemistry, that lovely feeling that tells you-“I must see this person again.”Yes!” That’s the first and ultimate sign of a healthy relationship. Have you ever been addicted to someone? Have you ever missed a guy even if he is in the same room? That’s it. And it doesn’t have to be related to your sexual appetites.

Secondly, a healthy dating relationship is based on healthy communication.

It means that you should really know how to listen to your partner, answer and pose questions. It seems easy, but it’s the most crucial part of any relationship.

You know that your partner can’t read your mind or between lines. So, be straight to the point, honest, decisive. Always find the right time to tell him what bothers you, especially if both of you are busy.  But if you simply can’t schedule a time to talk, which is perfectly normal, write down and elaborate on a bit about what bothers you so when the time comes there will be no diminishing of your problems. Make them obvious. If not solved the problems will continue to mingle with future problems.  You don’t need that.  That’s what I call a never-ending pyramid of problems. The moment you climb the top you will fall down.  Disappointed and miserable.

Btw, I’m on the edge to snap when I hear the common phrase: “If you get really angry about something, stop, take a step back and breathe”. Until when should I wait to calm down? It can take me 1 to 100 hours and millions of deep breaths. And then I will forget what I was upset by. So, sometimes the right time to say something to your partner is when you are cut up and fully distressed. Your partner will take you more seriously. And that’s the point!

We are now reaching the third and the most important thing about the healthy relationship- emotional intelligence. Many people think that a person should be born under a happy star or that it’s a matter of fate to have a healthy emotional connection.  This is one of the greatest misconceptions people believe is true.

We invest a lot of time and energy in our education, acquiring material goods, and never even move to the direction of emotional literacy. Emotional intelligence is something that you can learn so that you can improve almost every aspect of your relationship. It’s not about being smart or stiff.

It’ about being mature enough to name your emotions and to understand what you really feel.

Then, you’ll be able to allow for independence, respect and accept your partner’s limitations, without seeking unconditional love. Also, you’ll be ready to accept the commitment, to express your feelings spontaneously and show your weaknesses. can be your guide to a better understanding of what a healthy dating relationship is all about. You will certainly find your soul mate without investing too much time and energy because the experts will provide you with all the answers you want to know. You will discover millions of like-minded people looking to build their healthy relationships.  What’s better than that?:)

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