Have Mercy, Don’t Destroy Her If You Really Love Her

What to Do When You’re in a Relationship with the Perfect Girl – Win her!

You found the perfect girl who trusts you now it is up to you to have mercy and don’t destroy her trust ever.

She is great in all aspects of life. She is kind and compassionate, ambitious and cute. But she seems unhappy in the relationship. What are you doing wrong?

Many men put a lot of time in the ‘hunt’. This means the initial flirting process to get her to fall in love with you. And then after accomplishing the task, men got the women of their dreams, they stop inputting into the relationship. This makes your woman feel unhappy and sometimes even miserable.

Your behavior has a strong impact on her emotional well-being and you should always treat her well.  (you can also read: What Is An Inspirational Person?

Once she has fallen for you, it’s the time for you to stand tall and prove what you have been promising her. Keep your promises and just don’t destroy her.

Here are some things you can do to make her feel appreciated and loved.  (I’m going to rephrase and say things you ‘must do.’ Because if you were man enough to make her fall in love with you, you need to step up to the plate and treat her in a way that she deserves.)

Compliment Her

Don’t destroy her by ignoring her looks or efforts she put to keep the relationship always fresh.  You can never compliment any woman enough. Giving her compliments not only about her physical appearance but also on other things. Saying to her that you love the way she thinks, or the way she is kind to others is much more complimenting that telling her she has sexy legs.

Spend Time with Her

Both of you are probably working hard during the week. The first thing she wants to do on a weekend is to have a good time with you. But if you are constantly putting friends before her, you are showing her that you don’t care to spend time with her. This will destroy her. Don’t destroy her, it will destroy the relationship.  If you love her, take her on a special date. Spend time with her, even if it is just chilling at home and watching a movie.

Serve Her

Women like to make their men dinner, wash their clothes and clean their house, it’s in their caring nature. But if you start serving her, you will show her that you really love her. Make her coffee (the way she likes it) or while she is in the shower, put out her clothes. You will be surprised by the love you’ll receive in return.

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Carefully guard your behavior and make sure that you are committing and providing the best possible environment for your woman. Because if you truly love her, you will make the effort to treat her the way she deserves.

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