Hookup: How Not to Catch Feelings for Someone


Hookup & meeting occasionally is a common practice among men and women. It is likely to hook up with another person without developing feelings of association with him or her. It might not be an easy practice; however, it is achievable by following the rules and guidelines that have been described here:


  1. There is nothing more to it


If you have started thinking more into this casual hookup, then you might be deceiving yourself. It is perfectly fine to like your partner and feels attracted to him; however, you need to remember that there is nothing more in this hookup. He is not the man of your dreams. Keeping yourself in your boundary and enjoy the moment what a hookup is all about.


  1. Stop over thinking


Things have been going well, but you decided to overturn the situation; this would result in strange and weird feelings for the situation. You need to play your part and enjoy your time with him or her because they might not be expecting you to make things weirder about the hookup. You do not want to get involved in a relationship with a person who tries to give some other definition to the relation.

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  1. Spend less time


You should spend less time with this hookup partner and maintain some distance with them after the activity. Spending lots and lots of time together will imbalance the relationship status between you two. It is extremely important to keep things as they are; and enjoy the purpose of your meeting, which is just a hookup.


  1. Don’t give priority to hookup


It should be your last thought to call him or her frequently and sending hundreds of messages in a day. You are definitely confusing them and the status between you both.  However, if the messages are about your next meeting, then it might lighten things up. It is important to maintain an independent status of personality because people get attracted to an independent and self-caring partner.


  1. Setting boundaries


You will need to define the boundaries with this person. What are your desires, needs, and expectations from them? You will need to express them all and manage some boundaries to maintain your sanity during a casual hook up. If you have been unable to establish some boundaries, then you will certainly ruin yourself in getting serious for something, which does not exist.


  1.  You should stay safe all the time


If you have been seeing this person, then it is important to maintain your health as a top priority. Remember and pay attention to using protection and keep yourself safe from all possible STDs. You should be clear that it is just a hookup and you are not planning to get pregnant with the activity. However, it is highly advisable to stay away from any physical relation with this person and find someone for a long-term partnership.


You should be able to enjoy your time; however, if he is not making more into it, then you should dump him or her and get another partner. You can sign up and get assistance from GoMarry.com.

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