How an Insecure Partner Can Drain the Relationship

How an Insecure Partner Can Drain the Relationship

It  becomes difficult for your partner to provide support if an insecure partner is constantly testing their tolerance


Where do our insecurities come from? For a lot of people, our concept of love and relationships is shaped by what we see from our parents.

This is the first example of a partnership that we learn from as a kid. So we subconsciously adopt many of their traits, including their insecurities.

You may like to know what makes a man feel insecure.

Growing up and going into relationships of our own. We tend to unknowingly bring these elements along with us.

We find ourselves reacting to certain situations without realizing why, but it can often be traced back to this influence.


Past Relationships  Give Birth to Insecurities

Another place where our insecurities are born is our past relationships. Getting hurt, lied to, cheated on, or treated poorly leads us to think that we’re not good enough to find love.

When an insecure partner enters a new relationship, he assumes that our new partner will act the same way. So he over-compensate for what he thought he lacked before.

This is rather unfair to them seeing as they are completely different people. They shouldn’t be held to the expectations we’ve created. Here’s another article to further understand what might cause such insecurities.


It is also possible that none of these circumstances apply to an insecure partner.  Yet he still can’t stop his insecurities from taking over. Some of them are simply hard-wired to seek constant reassurance from their partner.


Common Traits

There are a lot of common traits that define an insecure partner. They tend to be very clingy. They don’t like it when their partner goes somewhere without them.

Sometimes they become irrationally defensive because many of the things that their partner might say to them will be exaggerated in their minds. Hence they take things as a personal attack when it actually isn’t.


Untrusting Nature

Another typical characteristic is an untrusting nature. Insecure partner is usually overly suspicious and they frequently look for problems that aren’t there.

They make accusations that have a real basis because they’re under the unending impression that their partner is going to betray them in some way. All of this behavior starts to take a serious toll on the relationship. It makes the other person question whether being in the relationship is worth the effort and emotional stress.


How to Deal With Insecurities

Each individual needs to work on their issues to overcome these foundational aspects.

It’s important to recognize where these behaviors are rooted and tackle them as they reveal themselves.

Learn how to make an insecure man feel secure.

It’s not easy, but the most important part in addition to valuing your self- worth, is rebuilding the concept of trust.

If you’re lucky enough to have a patient and accepting partner. They’ll do everything in their power to encourage you to heal.

They should stick by you as long as possible to show you that their intentions are genuine and there’s no need to entertain the worries that plague your mind.

Unfortunately, many people don’t possess this kind of strength and they end up abandoning the insecure person, which only makes their insecurities that much worse.


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