How Do You Know You’re In A Karmic Relationship


Karmic relationships happen only once in a lifetime. They are a meeting of two soul mates who are meant to be together.

The ancient philosopher Plato once described the karmic relationship. According to the tale, in ancient times, there weren’t separate genders. There was only one species that had both male and female elements. After they insulted the Gods with their ambitions and delusions, the Gods decided to punish them. They split the human being into two halves and destined it to a lifetime search of its other half. Now, we know this quest for our other half as the search for our karmic soul mate.


How can you tell if your relationship is really a karmic, once-in-a-lifetime, mythological occurrence? Check these tell-tale signs.

You Feel Like You’ve Known Your Partner Forever

No matter if you met your partners months, weeks or even days ago, you’ll have a strong feeling that you know each other from before. If you’re really each other’s half, you will feel complete once you reunite.

It Was In the Right Place at the Right Time

When you think about the circumstances in which you and your partner met, they really seem extraordinary. Every little thing in your life, every tiny decision has served to bring you back to your karmic relationship.


You Can Almost Read Each Other’s Mind

You and your partner are so compatible that you know exactly what the other person is thinking most of the time. This is common for couples who have been together for a long time, but if you’ve only been together shortly, this ability is really impressive. It shows that you understand the person deeply, even though you don’t have years and years behind you.


You’re Basically The Same Person

When you meet your karmic soul mate, it will feel like you’ve met the opposite sex version of yourself. Your soul mate is basically yourself in contrast. The two of you have the same interests, personality, lifestyle, hobbies… However, what makes you unique and inseparable are your masculine and feminine traits. When you finally become one with the opposing natural energy of your partner, you will know what it feels like to be in a karmic relationship.


You’ve Never Felt So Much, Love

You have experienced romantic relationships before. You know what it feels like to have a crush on someone, to feel infatuation, passion, and sparks. However, this is something completely new. The love and passion you feel towards this person are simply something you have never felt before, not even remotely. A soul mate connection and a karmic relationship are something that cannot be replicated. So, if what you are feeling is unique and incredibly strong, it might be a karmic relationship.


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