How Emotionally Neglected Women Carry Invisible in a Relationship?

How Emotionally Neglected Women are Invisible in a Relationship?

How Emotionally Neglected Women Carry Invisible in a Relationship? Childhood emotional neglect is often invisible but it’s more harmful than physical abuse. As a matter of fact, if someone passes through this trauma during her childhood, chances are she doesn’t even know about it.

An emotionally neglected woman struggles with low self-esteem, feels numb to her own emotions, feelings, and desires, and feels like she doesn’t really know herself. Due to lack of response during her childhood, she learns a secret lesson that develops unseen and deep within her for the rest of her life. She perceives that her feelings have no meaning and don’t matter. She doesn’t value or understands her emotions. As a result, she’s unable to express her emotions and feelings in a relationship. She always tries to push her emotions away. Like an invisible rain cloud, her childhood emotional neglect hangs over her adult life, robbing her connection, energy, and color.

She has a confusing personality

Emotional intelligence is necessary to handle and develop a successful relationship. It involves the management of your feelings and how and when you can use these feelings. If you own these skills, you can understand what is happening to you and what the feelings of your partner are. In this way, you can properly respond to your partner’s emotions in a relationship. But a woman with emotional neglect is not able to understand emotions. Emotions and behaviors in a relationship can seem like a puzzle to her. So she always remains confused.

She has a feeling of numbness

It’s not similar to a physical sensation of numbness but it’s the sensation of emotions and feelings. You’re around her but she’s not noticing or acknowledging your presence. You can observe that her feelings have disappeared. It doesn’t happen often but you can see such behavior at times. It’s due to her emotional neglect in a past relationship or by her parents during her childhood.

She is unable to trust and expects disappointments

It doesn’t matter how much you love her or how much you’re sincere with her but she is unable to trust you. Over and above this, she always keeps on thinking that you’ll disappoint her. She is always reluctant and hesitant to trust you. She will not feel safe in a relationship and always look to stay alone.

She doesn’t feel worthy of attention and love

Well, it’s one of the strongest feelings linked to emotional neglect. She doesn’t deserve love and she has zero right asking for it. She thinks it will be a selfish act if she asks for your love. The reason is that nobody loved her in the past and she thinks she doesn’t deserve to be loved.

She has low self-esteem

She develops such a feeling and it’s quite hard to shake it off. If you ask her to go for dinner, she’ll be confused to decide whether she should go or not. She is not even able to make decisions about her personal life.

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