Sugar Daddy :How to Be The One & How to Play It Cool

Sugar Daddy :How to Be The One & How to Play It Cool

At some point in life, you might make the decision to be a Sugar Daddy. You will find an agreeable younger woman and you want to ensure she has all the desires of her heart.In return, you want an intimate relationship

If you want to be a sugar daddy, It is essential to go into this relationship with mutual respect. Being a guard to mutual respect and privacy can entitle you to be a Sugar Daddy without any effort. You might have a woman in mind already; if not, head on over to for more tips and to find a perfect match.

Define your expectations

A Sugar Daddy needs to have his thoughts straight before entering a relationship. You should decide what you want to get out of this relationship – will it be intimate, do you expect sexual favors, how involved do you want your woman to be in your life?

You must also think about what you can offer to your Sugar Baby. Financing expenses and treating your Sugar Baby with care is usually expected in a relationship.

Discuss your exactions with a sugar baby

Be sure what your girl expects from a sugar daddy. Discuss your own expectations with your Sugar Baby and ask her what she wants from the relationship.

If you have clear communication then the relationship will be easy for both parties. It will make it much easier to respect each other and know where the boundaries are for the relationship. Talk about how often you will see each other and how you can meet each other’s needs.

Treat your Sugar Baby

Taking care of your Sugar Baby is your number one priority. Treating her can be a small or big thing. Many women want you to talk to them and really listen to what they say; become her confidante. Ask her how she is doing or if you can help her with anything. However, if you are not sure how to create chemistry? read

Treat her by paying for her clothing, beauty treatments, or even college. Just make sure that you have your arrangements clear and put it in writing if necessary.

Buying random things and throwing money at your Sugar Baby will not make her feel special. Treating her should be done with thought and consideration.


Be ready to tolerate her lies

Being sugar daddy you should know that it is inevitable that your Sugar Baby will mess up at some time. She might disappoint you in some way or even see someone else. Decide what will happen in this case and if possible, forgive her mistakes. Explain to her that you are unhappy but do not be abusive or aggressive. At the same time, you should not upset her and do not lie.

Don’t be a dictator

Do not try to take control of her life; let her be independent. A Sugar Daddy should be supportive and teach his woman how to succeed in life. Be honest when you don’t have the answers and find them together.

Your role as a Sugar Daddy will require an effort but the rewards will be far greater. Being honest, setting boundaries, and treating your woman are the keys to a lasting relationship.

However, if you are not willing to pamper a girl for short term gains, you must sign up at and find a perfect life partner.



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