How to Connect with a Woman Emotionally

It’s a popular presumption that “men are from Mars and women are from Venus”, meaning that they react and behave in different ways. Supposedly, men react to their surroundings in a logical and rational way, while women are prone to emotional reactions and behaviors. According to various results of different scientific research, this turned out to be true.


For women, emotionality is engraved in their genetic code and serves as a way to connect with the world around them. When you’re in a relationship, it’s crucial that you connect to the woman’s emotional side in order to bring out the authentic version of her identity.


So, if you’re a man looking to connect emotionally with your girl, it might seem that you wouldn’t know where to start. We’ve prepared a list of tips and advice that will connect you to your woman on a deep, emotional level.


  • Get in Touch with Your Emotional Side

It’s a common misconception that women don’t like emotional men. Just the opposite, a woman is exactly the person who will appreciate you being in touch with your emotional side. This doesn’t necessarily mean crying your eyes out during The Notebook movie night, but a strong connection to your feelings. Don’t suppress your feelings to try to keep up a façade of masculinity. Real masculinity means embracing the feminine side of your personality as well.


  • Communicate Often and Mindfully

The more often you communicate with your SO, the more emotionally connected you will be. Never hold back or put up an emotional wall, because you’ll never succeed in connecting on a deep level. It’s important to keep in mind that men and women have different communication patterns. To make your communication productive and mindful, it’s good to be aware of these differences and to know how to manage them. For example, men will approach every conversation with a problem-solving attitude, while the woman will express their emotions and look for support and understanding.


  • Physical Touch Goes a Long Way

Even though it sounds paradoxical that you can achieve emotional connection through physical contact, ample scientific research has proven it to be true. Kiss, hug, touch, tickle and cuddle your partner as much as possible. This is especially valid for women who express their love through physical touch. This relates to the five different languages of love, developed by Gary Chapman. In this insightful book, you can find out that some people express love by giving gifts, quality time, compliments, helpful acts, and physical touch.


  • Have an Open Heart

Women are very intuitive creatures and will always sense that something is wrong or that you’re acting closed-off. To achieve genuine, full connection to your woman’s emotions, think, speak and act with an open heart. If you feel threatened or vulnerable, that is normal, because every opening up is scary, no matter towards who.


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