zimzum of love

Zimzum of Love: Modern Ways of Understanding Marriage

When you’re in love, you always want to live with your lover. But at times, the love starts to vanish. The reason is being over possessive and not giving the required space to your partner. We know that a balance between love and creating private space is a tough task. But you’ll have to Create Zimzum of Love. Let me share a few cool tips.


Stop calling and texting your partner

Having space means actually having space. It doesn’t mean you give him/her only an hour to think about the relationship. If you’re going through such a hard time, you should leave him/her alone. Please don’t text. Texting is something that often doesn’t describe your feelings properly. Never try to chase your lover all day. In this way, you’re not giving your partner the space needed to revive the love.


Identify your feelings

The best way is to identify your feelings. Before communicating with your partner, you must understand what you like and what you feel and what you want. In this way, you’ll be able to convey your feelings. Are you getting frustrated or drained? Why you need space? At times, we often get too swept up in another person’s issue. We don’t think what he wants or what he is thinking. First, you must think about why you need space and what is the ideal dimension and amount of that space.


Learn one another’s needs

It is a great thing if another person knows and understands your needs. If not, you must make your needs and desires clear to your partner. In the same way, you should also be willing to listen to the other person’s needs.


Don’t obsess over it

Don’t get obsessed over it and always keep thinking about the space needed. You need space to improve your relationship and enhance love. Obsessing over a relationship will urge you to go back to your partner before the right time.


Focus on yourself

It is always good to take some time to refocus on yourself. Take up a new hobby, eat healthily or go back to the gym. Focusing on yourself will help you to improve your relationship. You’ll learn what is wrong or missing on your side.


Don’t stick to your partner when he/she needs some privacy

At times, you can feel that your partner is yearning for some space. Don’t take it negatively but take it in a positive sense. When they give a sign that they need some privacy, withdraw from them. You might feel broken or dull but it is always good to give space to your partner to revive the love.


Respond when your partner tries to please you

One bad thing is that people often don’t respond when they’re in a good mood and want to please them. Love needs both parties to keep fresh. Respond to your partner when he is in his good mood and reciprocate his love so that he will not have a severe requirement of space to stay free for a while. Looking for true love, you must sign up at GoMarry.com, the marriage only matchmaking site.

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