How To End A Dysfunctional Relationship

This is How To End A Dysfunctional Relationship

It is a known fact that it is difficult to untangle oneself from the grips of a Dysfunctional Relationship


An unhealthy relationship undermines your self-esteem to the point where you no longer trust yourself or believe that you are worth more.

However, if you are reading this.  A part of you already knows that you deserve more, and you need to embrace that and run with it!


Mentally and Physically Prepare Yourself

End a dysfunctional relationship and don’t remain worried about what you may have to face.

Even if you can’t afford therapy. There are several techniques that you can practice when you are alone that can help to rebuild your sense of self.

Write a letter to yourself that lists all of the reasons why the dysfunctional relationship was haunting you and why you are worth more.

Carry it with you and read it every day, as many times as you can. This will help remind you of what you deserve and keep the truth at the surface of your mind. It will help you feel easier to just suppress your emotions and carry on with life.

If you are living with a dysfunctional relationship. Spend some time thinking up a plan of where to go when you leave, before you break up with them.

Know that you will be tempted to get back together, and read on to find out how to avoid that happening.


Ask For Help

This is not the time to be proud. Many strong and healthy adults are caught up in the cycle of a toxic relationship at some point in their lives. Don’t feel like you are some victim,  this doesn’t make you stupid or bad either.

It is common knowledge that a dysfunctional relationship usually starts out really well, and then slowly erodes over time.

The people in your life will understand that sometimes bad things happen to good people.  And you are not to blame for being unable to predict the future.

When you are enmeshed in a toxic partnership it can be extremely difficult to escape without the help of others.


Make A Break For It

You have probably tried to break up with your partner many times before, so don’t feel obligated to do it in person.

If you have the option to just take all your stuff and leave while they aren’t at home, then do so!

You could even take a day off work so that they won’t suspect anything or be around while you escape.

If this is not an option, you may need to take someone with you while you are leaving, so that you don’t get caught up in any more drama.

In the worst case scenario, it is advisable to get the police involved if they are refusing to move out of your space.

Remember to block them from calling, emailing or access to your social media immediately. Whatever you do from this point, don’t look back. Keep busy and spend time with friends to distract yourself.

Now when you are free from a dysfunctional relationship. It is the time to visit and start a fresh relationship but this time around be rest assured that you are with someone who knows the art of a blissful relationship.

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