How to Find a Husband while Doing Masters (University)

I assume you are almost done with your Masters and finally looking for a husband to settle down with him. This is certainly, one of the biggest decisions of your life and I hope you find a great life-partner.

However, coming back to your question, I’d urge you not to waste your time on dating websites, because this is something that almost everyone is doing but they aren’t getting any good results. Finding a husband on dating websites doesn’t work because women are looking for them in a place where nobody is willing to commit.

What I would recommend to you is to join, the first of its kind marriage only match-making service that connects men and women like you. The users of are only interested in long-term relationships, i.e. Marriage. Once you find someone you would like to get to know more, again don’t consider dating as an option. Just like dating websites, dating also wastes too much time.

You should consider going on Marriage Meetings. These meetings are straight to the point gatherings in quiet but comfortable places. Marriage Meetings achieve so much more within a few days than dating ever can even in years. Plus, no emotional scarring as marriage meetings involve no sort of commitment. Ask each other questions and try to understand each other. You can find a list of all the questions in my FREE BOOK “101 Questions to Ask Each Other Before Getting Married”. Paperback and kindle versions of my book are also available if you don’t like free things. All the best.

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