How to Know Someone Is Flirting With You

Flirting is communicating in a way that signals attraction. For some people, it is second nature to realize when someone is flirting with them. For most others, no matter how obvious it is, we miss all the signs and write them off as that person just being nice. Since most people are afraid of rejection, we use indirect flirting methods like teasing, joking and being friendly.


It is difficult to know if someone is flirting, so what clues can you look for to see if someone is flirting with you?


  • Body language!

You can know so much about a person’s intentions through their body language. A smile, leaning forward and touching someone on the knee or making strong eye contact can let you know that a person is into you.


  • Listen to the words they use!

For instance, if someone is complimenting you, that could be flirting. Or if they let you know they are single. Better yet, if they lightly pepper sexual innuendos into the conversation. Those are all telltale signs of someone flirting with you.


  • Where is it happening?

Is it happening at a party? At a bar or club? Is it a gathering for people with the same hobby? If it’s some sort of social gathering like that, chances are that you are being flirted with you. If it is a family gathering, a funeral or something along those lines, it’s probably just someone being nice. With that being said, people do have different flirting styles and there are some people who will flirt with anyone they find attractive at any place no matter where it is.


Another thing to consider…

Just because someone is flirting with you, doesn’t mean they want to get in the sack with you. You have to ask yourself if it’s consistent and distinctive. Do you flirt with each other each time you meet? Is it the same way they act towards everyone else? If the way they act with you is not unique, it might mean that they are a player, or they are just naturally flirty.


No matter how many books and articles you read to try and learn if someone is into you, most likely, you’ll still be terrible at knowing whether someone is hitting on you. This is because people are afraid of rejection so we never want to put all our cards on the table. This is why dating websites like are a great way to meet great singles, because they are looking for something serious, and you don’t have to second guess their intentions.

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