How to Overcome Differences for Relationship Success

How to Overcome Differences for Relationship Success

They say that opposites attract, but sometimes it can be hard to embrace these differences when you are used to your own particular way of living or thinking


Differences make us interesting. No matter how strong your bond could be, two persons just can’t be the same. However, with just a little practice you can learn to reframe any scenario to make it appear more positive. It’s what you choose to focus on those counts more than anything

Effortless relationships do not exist, and there will always be times when you need to consciously work at your partnership. That’s where comes in handy, by providing a wide range of relationship advice that can help you navigate through many a situation.


Strengths and Weaknesses

When you are in a relationship with someone who is your opposite, you are in fact more whole as a result. Your complementary strengths and weaknesses merge together, forming a powerful team. As long as there is a balanced workload that plays to your individual differences, you are likely to succeed as a couple. Of course, we all have flaws and learning to accept your partner’s differences is a part of any healthy relationship.


Tolerance and Compromise

Acceptance is about acknowledging reality for what it is, without trying to change or control it. Rather than focusing on your partner’s differences, see them as opportunities to become more whole as a team. Tolerance in the romantic context is about the ability to endure an ongoing or repetitive set of behaviors. Mindfulness can help with learning to accept and tolerate all kinds of situations, so you might want to try your hand at meditation or journaling.

If there are striking differences in interests, for example in music or television, you will need to negotiate a compromise. When sharing a living environment and entertainment system you will need to either take turns choosing what to watch together or set up a roster of times when each can watch their preferred shows. When it is not your turn, see it as an opportunity to spend some time with yourself and grow as a person.

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Practice Gratitude and Affirm your Partner

It is scientifically proven that gratitude has the ability to improve overall mood and mindset. Try keeping a gratitude journal and writing down ten things you are grateful for each day. In time you will notice a shift in your attitude and perception. You can write about anything you like, or you could focus exclusively on what you appreciate about your partner if you need to shift your perspective quickly.

Once you have regained clarity on why you are grateful for your partner, make sure to express your appreciation at every opportunity. Make a point of affirming them throughout the day, because genuine compliments can never get old.  As your partner begins to feel more appreciated, they will become more loving and fun to be around. Your emotional intimacy and sex life will improve, as will the general respect and consideration within the partnership.

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