How to Recognize the True Colors When Dating A Drama Queen

How to know You are Dating A Drama Queen

When we first meet someone, it’s very hard to recognize their flaws and quirks. It can be quite demanding to see someone’s true colors, especially when dealing with a drama queen

When we are new in a relationship. We see the world through pink glasses. And we perceive our partner as an idealization in the haze of infatuated feelings.

See How She Behaves With Close Ones

When dating someone new. People have the tendency to pretend to be something they are not and hide their true colors. However, all of these traits resurface when you see your new partner around her friends and family. When you look at her natural interactions, you can really see what she’s like without the drama queen facade. When you see her in this environment for the first time, it can be a sink or swim moment for your relationship.

Discover About Her Past

Her past relationships and life choices will tell you a lot about her true colors. Sure, people are capable of change and we all alter as time goes by. But if someone’s claiming to be something they’re not, you can easily prove it with episodes from their past. For example, if a drama queen is pretending to set ultimatums that she will leave the relationship, and you know for a fact that she has the history of doing so, you’ll see things much more clearly.

Be Attentive and Listen Carefully

A great quote from the TV show Mad Men says: “People usually tell you who they are, but we ignore it ’cause we want them to be who we want them to be“. This proves to be very correct when it comes to new relationships. In the haze of crushing on someone and feeling infatuated, it’s common to distort all the facts you hear about someone in what you want to hear. So, if you want to see someone’s true colors, they have probably already shown you.

Look Out For Actions, Not Words

When it comes to analyzing a person’s behavior and nature, we ought to ignore their words and statements almost completely. Matters of the heart are dealt with through actions, and drama queens have the tendency to be big on words, but not so much on actions.

What a person does can tell you so much more about their true colors than their statements. If you’re dealing with a drama queen, this is especially true. Their words are often exaggerated and out of touch with reality, but you can see their true colors in the things they do.

If you want to discover a new partner’s true colors quickly, marriage meetings are the way to go. On, you can attend marriage meetings with potential partners, where you quickly get into the deep stuff and talk honestly and openly. This will save you time and emotional investment that usually comes with dating. So, let your new partner show you their true colors and be done with drama queens!


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