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How to Set Boundaries in Dating – Honest Guide

How Far Can You Take It & How to Set Boundaries in Dating – It’s exciting to be with a new dating partner. The thought of setting relationship boundaries might slip your mind when you start dating someone new. When your lover walks in you’re caught up in all the butterflies. However, setting boundaries at the beginning is great for a strong and healthy relationship. You must set boundaries to spend a healthy life. Sustaining and setting boundaries in a relationship is a skill.

For many of us, it’s quite hard to set limits and boundaries in a relationship. Let me tell you the ways to set up rules and boundaries in a relationship.

Consider your personal limits

First of all, you must evaluate where you stand. You must identify your emotional, physical, spiritual and mental limits. Consider what makes you feel anxious, uncomfortable and what you can accept and tolerate in a relationship. Evaluating all these things will help you to set boundaries in a relationship.

Be honest

Sometimes, people are afraid that certain boundaries in a relationship can scare that special someone away. To deal this, you must talk to your significant other about it with open mind and honesty. State your boundaries in a way that they don’t look irritating or offensive. If your partner is not happy with the boundaries, it means he is not sincere with you.

Sexual expression

Some people like sex every night while others like it only on holidays. If you and your partner are not clear about your sexual boundaries, one person will definitely suffer. He or she will show fake sexual expressions which will hurt your relationship in the long run. You must clearly tell your partner your preferences and needs.

Analyze your past and the present

How were you brought up will influence your ability to set and preserve boundaries. Some people have always played the role of caretaker in their past life and they want to play the same in their adult relationships. You may develop the habit of ignoring your needs. However, if you’ll do the same in your relationship, it will cost you. So evaluate your past and present while setting boundaries in a relationship.

Put yourself first

First of all, you must have a healthy relationship with yourself. Before setting rules and boundaries in your relationship, analyze what suits you the best. What you like or dislike where you want to go and what you want to have.

Look for support

If you feel difficulty in setting boundaries, seek help. You can seek support from an online counselor, church, support group, good friends and relationship coaches. Don’t feel shy about discussing what you want. Be clear about your feelings and emotions.

Final thought

Boundaries are not meant to distance you from your lover but these steps further enhance the overall charm and intimacy of your relationship. However, if you are looking for a perfect and sincere partner, I’d suggest you sign-up on, you will find hundreds of men and women who are looking for a serious relationship.

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