How to Spot Pathological Liars

How to Spot Pathological Liars

Given the nature of the disorder, you may be in a relationship with a pathological liar for years without knowing it

Liars are all around us. Even though it’s never pleasant to have a liar in your life. We are often unpleasantly surprised by the presence of pathological liars among our family, friends and romantic partners. They are simply artists of manipulation and making you believe what they want you to believe.

Honesty is the cornerstone of marriage, so it’s basically impossible to be in a happy, healthy marriage with someone who is a pathological liar. If you constantly meet lying, cheating people and you’re done with it, sign up at, where you can finally find an honest partner and start a healthy marriage.

In order to avoid getting into a relationship with someone who has this disturbing tendency; look out for the following signs:

They Are Extraordinary Storytellers

Pathological liars have the ability to make up fantastic, detail-filled stories in a matter of seconds. They usually over exaggerate and you can spot their stories because they seem like plots from movies or fairytales. If a story seems too improbable, trust your gut, no matter how fast the person came up with it.

Inflated Sense of Self

A pathological liar has a tendency to view themselves as superior to other people. This can be easily read from their actions and behavior. Look out for how they treat persons who are lower in social status than them.

You Cannot Count On Them

Pathological liars never come through on their promises. However small or irrelevant the promise may be, you will notice that they always avoid it, which makes them unreliable and untrustworthy. The reason is that they most commonly use promises to get out of a sticky situation happening in the present moment.

They Believe Their Own Lies

This is the creepiest part of dealing with a pathological liar: sometimes, lying comes so naturally to them that they are not even aware that they are lying anymore. They simply cannot draw a clear line between truth and lie: everything is flexible for them. This makes it very hard to catch a pathological liar red-handed because for them, their lies are the truth and they will never show anxiety or nervousness about being caught.

They Lack Empathy

Empathy is the cornerstone of successful relationships, which is one of the many reasons a relationship with a pathological liar simply cannot work out. Pathological liars have very little empathy for others, even for those closest to them.

They Always Play the Victim

This goes in line with the broader category of manipulators, liars, and narcissists. These people have a tendency to always play the victim role, even if they’re completely to blame for something. This is not something their doing consciously, though. A pathological liar simply sees the world in such a way that they feel like it’s me vs. everyone. In a relationship, it’s very hard to be with someone who plays the victim all the time.

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