How To Tell ”If A Guy Likes You”

There are two target groups that are seeking for this kind of advice:

Experienced & In-experienced.

Those who have passed the ordeal of suffering, making wrong choices over and over again will probably believe if I say that being objective is the best advice.


Well, let’s just say that in your love experience he always texted you and called you more, he inconvenienced him for you, he paid for dates and never ever lied to you, he always found excuses to touch you, and then, although your relationship was perfect it all fell apart.

These were all signs that he likes you, but the relationship fails somehow.

How does it happen?

How when you stick to the advice preached by YouTubers who have chains wrapped firmly around their heart.

I feel experienced enough to say that it’s all the same if you text him first. He is also an emotional being. He also wants to know if you like him!

If he really likes you he’ll not be bothered by your „first“ calls or messages. The opposite is the case. He will enjoy it.

The best advice is to boldly arrange a meeting, even if you have to ask your friend for help. And all you have to do during the date is, to be honest. Expose your feelings. You have nothing to lose. You’ve just met him. Honesty is really the best policy. It doesn’t mean that you have to tell him all about your life on the first date. You should prepare yourself.

When it comes to the inexperienced ones they are swamped by with around 100,500 words a day –the same as 23 words per second. It’s backed up by science, however. But who can possibly stand it?! And the 2/3 of it is related to resolving love issues.

According to them, you should mind his body language, his ability to make you laugh or his willingness to introduce you to his friends. All these can be just signs of friendship, not love.

You should invite your friends when he is around and ask them to interpret his behavior. Two or five heads are better than one. They will advise you accordingly. Ask them to be objective and you will know whether a guy likes you or not.

It’s that simple! Without overcomplicating things that are clearly straightforward.



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