How to Unleash Your Inner Vixen

How to Unleash Your Inner Vixen

Men are biologically wired to need regular sex, so they are always on the lookout for an opportunity to hook up and you can use that to your advantage


Everyone has moments of insecurity and self-doubt, but no matter how you feel you can learn to unleash your inner vixen and get any man you desire.

There’s nothing wrong with being single and playing the field as a woman, as long as you maintain your dignity and treat everyone involved with respect. Nothing can be more dignified than having sex with a man you chose to marry. Find someone of your own choice at and go for the “real thing”.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to hook up, here are the tried and tested tricks that will help you to embrace your sexy inner vixen and get any man you want:

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Make the First Move

You don’t have to be a pro at pickup lines to engage with the object of your desire. Start out with something subtle, like asking for directions (even if it’s to the bathroom), or if you could borrow their lighter. Find an excuse to speak to the guy and see how he reacts. If it’s going well and he’s laughing or flirting, then you can kick it up a notch and lightly touch his arm or hand.

Alternatively, you could try just brushing past him if you are in a crowded setting, or stand next to him if the opportunity presents itself. Find a non-verbal way of hinting that you are interested in getting to know him. Eye contact and a smile are a very good, friendly way to open up the door for further conversation.

If he smiles back you could simply say “hi”. Or you could open the conversation yourself by asking a random question (try to make it witty). Of course, if you want to be guaranteed that a guy is looking for a hookup, you can always use Tinder or some form of dating app. Just swipe right.

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How do you define sexy? You are so much more than the way you look – you are a wild and sexy spirit! Try to reframe sexiness. Unleash your inner vixen and get the love the way you desire. Figure out what it being sexy means to you. Most people associate a hot and sexy personality with confidence. So work on conveying yours with your speech and body language. Try praising yourself in a flirty way, for example, “I’m so good in bed that my ex won’t stop calling me.”

Giving yourself an indirect compliment is a really great way to catch the attention of a man. If you want to be a little more subtle you could talk about how flexible you are when you stretch, or even how giving you are to everyone around you.

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Be sure to present yourself as friendly and fun, laugh as often as possible at his funny (not funny) jokes and make him feel desired and admired. Stroke that male ego and hint at your risqué preferences or past experiences.


These tips are powerful to help you unleash your inner vixen. Use them responsibly and have fun! When you are ready to settle down, remember that is waiting to match you with your ideal partner. It couldn’t be easier! Why date the old fashioned way, which is time-consuming and based only on superficial attraction? Sign up to marriage only matchmaking site to set up a comprehensive checklist of your preferences and fast track your path to the altar.

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