Huge Flirt – How to Deal?

Some people flirt because they really like you and others flirt because they only like the thrill of it. Flirting is a game and they have no intention of taking it any further than just the exciting playfulness of the act itself.


Make sure you aren’t being fooled and know the difference between someone who is flirting with you because they want something more and someone who just flirts for the sake of it.

The most obvious sign of someone flirting just for the sake of flirting is that he is probably flirting with not only you! You will spot him flirting with someone else at a public event and then move onto the next prey once he is bored.


When you are out on the town with this man, he will be greeted by many women who will most probably give him a suspicious, lingering look. A man who has a lot of girls he is texting and chatting with will be well-known amongst girl groups.


You’ll probably notice his phone lighting up with text messages, and if you’re quick enough, you’ll also probably notice a few hearts or kisses being sent. A big flirt will try to hide the phone from you or deliberately try to make you jealous by saying it’s another girl and then sweet-talking his way out of it.


A big sign of a big flirt is that he will lead you on for as long as he can without making a true commitment. As he wants to keep all his options open when it comes to girls. He likes bouncing around from girl to girl and to take out the flavor of the week until the next one comes around. You’ll never be able to be in a loyal and trustworthy relationship with someone like that.


Then there is someone who flirts with a reason, he is showing you that he is really interested. Trying a Marriage only relationship will give you someone who flirts and gives you attention with the sole purpose of winning you over.


He will look into your eyes, say cute things and woo you with flowers and chocolates. While he is purposefully flirting with you, he won’t be flirting with anybody else. You are the only one he is pursuing at the moment and he doesn’t have time to waste by flirting with others.


Try and stop wasting your time on huge flirts who are only using you for the thrill of the game. Find something meaningful and most importantly find someone who flirts with you because they want to and there’s a reason behind their cute words and wooing techniques.

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