I Am Ready To Love You Again

Know When You Are Ready To Love Again – Straight from Heart

You can be ready to love again every day only if you have trust in people no matter how many times you’ve been disappointed

I am ready to love you again if you just assure me that I will have my self- respect and free will intact. Why is it so hard to believe that your future date is good, sincere and honest? It’s because of your bad experience of course.

Well, my experience tells me that I was pretty naive when it comes to being ready to love again.

The moment someone broke my heart I would rush into a new relationship. I acted as if that time it would all be different. Sometimes it really was and sense of guilt and sorrow no longer haunt me.

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People Are Not Alike

People are different and their approach and mindset are also different. There are no two alike. If one man was too harsh on you it doesn’t mean that the other is a bully too only because he tends to raise his voice when he speaks. But not out of anger. He is talking the way some action heroes talk because the tone of his voice is a bit deeper.

Comparing, Comparing

Before I „became enlightened“, I tended to leave such men. If he was having five or more drinks in one sitting I would immediately compare him with one of my exes who were excessive drinkers and I would walk away. Without even saying goodbye.

Comparing, comparing, comparing. I got sick of it and decided to move one.

Be Willing to Reprogram Everything

You can love them again if you are willing to reset the things between two of you. I knew I had to reprogram everything that was deeply rooted in my conscious and subconscious mind. I was stubborn enough not to create the worst case scenario every time I go on a date as I did before.

Be Mercilessly Honest

I’ve also become mercilessly honest. I asked questions without creating answers in my head in advance. I waited for him to talk. If he met my criteria I would give him a chance, if not I would walk away as nothing had happened. We would stay friends or we never saw each other again.

Disappointment Should Not Stop You

What I learned the hard way is that disappointments are a natural part of any relationship. You can be disappointed in your friends, family, or whomever. Do you „break up“ with your mom every time you have an argument. I suppose not. The same goes for a relationship.

And when you are really ready to love again you will be ready to be rather with him then somewhere out partying till the dawn.

You will be ready to tell him that you support him whatever the circumstances.

Then you will be his number one fan, best friend. You will love him like he deserves if he is ready to do the same but not necessarily at the same time.

May be you always have time for him and you should expect that he has the time for you too.

You would treat his weaknesses as something you both should work on and vice versa.

Every argument between you too will be constructive with the aim to solve a problem not to create another one.

All in all, be ready to love again after each break-up because love cures our soles, while resentment and living in the past can only lead to a miserable life.

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