I’m So Indecisive - Why Can’t I Make up My Mind?

I’m So Indecisive – Why Can’t I Make up My Mind?

You are indecisive? Having too many options usually causes indecisiveness. But when it comes to relationships – we are always looking for the best choice


How to pick what is best? That is the dilemma we are faced with in the modern dating world.


The Consequences of Having Too Many Choices

Modern dating apps provide you with a never-ending list of potential suitors. Hundreds of men and women are listed. They use catchy one-liners to draw your attention and hope that you will pick them to go on a date.

The negative result of having too many options is that you aren’t sure of the quality provided. Too much choice makes you indecisive.

This can be said for profiles listed on dating apps as well.  Profiles aren’t set up in a way that will give you a lot of information about the person. Rather, they only provide you with age, occupation and maybe one or two of their interests.

If you had more information on a person, you won’t remain indecisive.

You could eliminate some suitors according to what you see as deal breakers. Having too many options can confuse you.


Going on a blind date with someone from a dating app will mostly end up in a big disappointment. That is why gomarry.com urges you to go for a marriage meeting. Marriage meetings are designed in a way that it eliminates indecisiveness.


Quantity over Quality

It’s like going to a restaurant – if there are too many dishes on the menu you will spend hours picking something. Odds are – you will be disappointed in the result.

But if there are only a few specialized dishes on the menu – you can pick the dish that tickles your fancy the most. Odds are – the result will be absolutely delicious.

A restaurant that specializes in giving you a tasting experience rather than stuffing you with low-quality produce, is well worth spending time and energy on.

That is why I am strongly against online dating and dating apps. Popular dating apps give you so many options that it will confuse any person.

Giving you quantity without the quality. You get a choice between hundreds of other singles who only describe themselves using one corny sentence.

That is why I created GoMarry.com. This platform provides you with options of different suitors that will give you a quality experience.


Our Marriage only Matchmaking process will provide you with quality suitors of which you can choose. Our intensive profile set up will give you a clearer view of what you’d like in a partner and what not. It does not throw you into a blind date. When you opt to go to a marriage meeting, you have the choice to have the company of some elder, friend, brother or sister.


It’s important to know what you want in a partner before you start looking for someone.

Knowing what you want will help you to be more decisive. If you have no clue what you are looking for, you will struggle with indecisiveness.

Follow the guidelines and instructions from my articles to provide you with tools to apply during this exciting search process. Good Luck!

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