Instant Attraction Triggers

There are some things that individuals do that drive the opposite sex crazy! It creates instant attraction and makes you feel like you want to be with that person,  you want to pursue that person and be with him or her no matter what it takes.


Attraction triggers do differ from person to person, but mostly they are the same. If you want to create this instant attraction to attract someone you really like you can follow the list of instant attraction triggers listed below.


Even if you have been a bit insecure or not that good looking in the past, by changing a few things within yourself and growing to become someone better you can also attract the perfect partner.


  1. Create tension

Sexual tension, emotional tension, just create any kind of tension. You know the feeling you get when you watch a film that has a lot of suspense – you get the feeling like you are sitting on the edge of your seat. You are so intrigued and the tension in the air is just blowing you away, you find yourself wanting more and more.

This is the tension you need to create. By being mysterious, by not giving it all away at once and by not giving too much attention to someone. Eye contact is an excellent tool to use when creating tension. Keep the gaze of your partner, briefly look at their lips and then back into their eyes, don’t look away!


  1. Be Adventurous

Nothing kills attraction more than someone who is boring! Make sure you keep things interesting by being unpredictable. Do something surprising or react in a way that they didn’t expect. All of these things are part of creating attraction.

Ask yourself – Are you attracted to someone who does the same thing every single day? Or are you attracted to someone who surprises you by doing something different every single day? This doesn’t mean you have to be completely crazy and go sky diving, but showcasing a hidden talent or sharing a deep secret is all about showing that you are complex and not boring.


  1. Be in Control

By this, I don’t mean that you should control the other person. The attraction is created by wanting something you feel like you can’t have, or will never fully have. You can only achieve this when you are in control of your own emotions and actions. Don’t lose control and become needy or desperate. Show that you have control of your life, your interests, and your emotions. Show the other person that you are the boss of your own life and if they want to be with you, they can’t bulldoze you.


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