Irresistible Sex Appeal

Irresistible Sex Appeal: Laughter, Smiles & Humor


Sex appeal… the timeless attraction between men and women. It is difficult to define but you know when someone has it and you know the characteristics. For some people, sex appeal is all physical; for others, it lies in personality. One thing everyone can agree on is that smiling, laughter and humor is very sexy. Many people fall in lust before falling in love. They yearn and crave for a person that they find attractive. As you get to know a person better, your emotions develop and a loving relationship starts to form, but it all has to start somewhere…

Every person has their own likes and dislikes. You might like a tall, mysterious person. Someone else may prefer intelligence. One thing is certain though, everyone likes a smile.


Smiling brings happiness

A smile is often the first thing that you will share with a potential partner. Smiling conveys friendliness and happiness. It portrays positivity and immediately makes others feel content. Next time you are looking to meet someone, put on a genuine smile and dazzle him.

Smiles and laughter convey confidence. When you smile or laugh wholeheartedly you are drawing attention to yourself. It shows you are confident with yourself and your company. You are holding yourself to a higher standard. The dopamine from smiling and laughing boosts your happiness. It is infectious and your date will also experience heightened arousal.

Infectious laughter makes everyone happy. Tell a joke and always laugh at your partner’s jokes, even if they not that funny. Laughing is a positive sign that you find your date attractive. She will feel you are interested in and find her fun. It makes the mood lighter and more comfortable. The sex appeal just increases too.


Practice makes perfect

You can always practice if smiling and laughing does not come to you naturally. Stand in front of a mirror and smile. Have a laugh. Find some jokes or funny stories online and enjoy the humor. The more you do it, the easier it gets. Don’t be afraid to laugh out loud when you hear something funny or watch a comedy. It shows enjoyment and emotion. After all, the key to a good relationship is happiness.

Some people are very good at giving fake smiles. Other people pick up easily on this because your body will not be giving the other cues associated with real happiness. Smiling and laughing can often be seen in the eyes. Your eyes are full of emotion. Make eye contact with your partner while smiling or laughing. Sometimes one look is enough to set a person off into another bout of laughter.

Humor, smiling and laughing are all part of relationships. It is sexy and appeals to your partner when you share such moments. Your fun and the playful side comes out and indicates you are ready for adventure. It can lead to even sexier experiences together. Laughter while being tickled or a sumptuous smile combined with a wink is all some people need to light a fire.

Make a point of it to smile the next time you are with your partner. Enjoy the happiness it brings and his smile as well. Remember, you are not fully dressed without a smile!

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