Know if Someone is Good-Hearted

There are many different personality traits that you are going to want to look for when it comes to finding a new partner. This can be hard when you first start dating, although things are definitely made easier when you use dating sites such as, or dating apps, which match you up with people you are likely to get along well with. One of the most important personality traits someone can have is a good heart, but how can you tell if a person is good-hearted? Well, there are certain attributes that you can see in a person, which lets you know just how good-hearted they are, and here we are going to talk you through some of them.


One of the first things we look for in a potential husband or wife is a good sense of humor. Now, just because someone has a good sense of humor, it does not mean that they are good-hearted. Someone who finds their humor by mocking or bringing down others is not good-hearted. Instead, you need to look for someone who has a good sense of humor but also manages to make others feel good about themselves at the same time.


Generosity is another thing that will show how much of a good heart a person has and there are many different ways of showing generosity. There are those who give regularly to charities in need, those who give food and drink to homeless people in the streets. There are those who are generous by allowing people to go before them in the queue, and then there are those who are generous simply by giving you their time. Any form of this generosity shows that a person is good-hearted and could be your perfect partner.


Finally, there is respect. As with generosity, there are a number of different ways in which a person can show respect. Some will only be respectful to those who are on level terms with them or above them, ignoring people who they feel are beneath them. This is not a good-hearted person. A good-hearted person treats everyone with respect, from the mailman to the business owner and all in between. As well as that, they also have plenty of self-respect, after all, if a person doesn’t love themselves, how can they possibly love another?


There are many people out there who would try to have you believe that they are good-hearted people but those who are not will always eventually give themselves away. Keep your eyes open and watch your partner in every situation, you will soon be able to tell whether they truly are a good-hearted person or not. Make sure that you know all you need to know before you go all-in with a relationship, as you don’t want to find out a long way down the road when it is all too late.

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